Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Thrilled Halloween Party


Frankly I never celebrate Halloween for once homygod. I used to watch Twilight and Vampires Diaries alot, idk why I was so obsessed to be a vampire loll. How good if i can jumping over the traffic or switch off my humanity whenever I want. Vampires are fast, alert and immortal. They have power to control or seduce your spirit, but they feed on blood for surviving :O  (The blood looks like Raspberry loll. ). And today I was invited to a Thrilled Halloween party on this coming 31 October 2013, which mean I can dress up as a vampire legally now :) Hollyshit, that's my dream!

The party will be held at #China House, 153, Lebuh Pantai Georgetown Penang and start at 10pm onward! It will be very exciting I believe as we have a DJ Eva T will be spinning and rock the party. Besides, there's are Penang's bloggers and pretties too so why not you grab the chance and party with us? You are free to put up your creative Halloween costume, make up or mask and be anything you want. So Taadah your chance is here, I am rewarding 2 pairs of RVSP invitation to my readers. 

What you need to do is:
1. Leave a comment below " I want to join Thrilled Halloween party"  OR tag me via Twitter/ Instagram @fionev.
2. Remember to provide your details such as name and Facebook so I can contact you.
3. I'll select the most creative/favorable one as the winner on 27th October

Let's have fun together! I bet everyone is getting excited for the Halloween party nawww. So here's some Halloween photo's to inspire you. What actually you want to be? Scary ghost? Heroes? Cartoon? Okay I kant wait to see your dress up, so move now!

Sexy Cat Women

This is so creative man! How they did it?

Err. Impressive enough fml




  1. so cool eh! not sure i can go or not :/

  2. I want to join Thrilled Halloween party because of all the parties be it Hennessy Artistry, Johnnie Walker, Xplay, Asahi Parties I have joined, I have never dressed up for a Halloween Party before, and I would say this is definitely a virgin experience for me! Plus, the ancient heritage ChinaHouse would be the best venue for this party- savouring some cocktails with their signature cakes and pastries along with my favourite tracks played by DJ Eva T I believe it's gonna be an unforgettable night! Choose me and the crowd will be brought up to a whole new level!

    Name: Teo Jun Fook

  3. I want to join the party!!!!

    Elle Tan

  4. I want to join Thrilled Halloween party. I can imagine how fun will it be and how those people dress up like vampire and other horror character. It's pretty awesome to have this kind of Halloween Party in Penang especially in one of my fv restaurant.

  5. Blog walking here, hi! :)

    Cool list of costumes. Do post your version of a halloween costume then hehee.

    Happy weekend!

  6. This comment has been removed by the author.

  7. I love to party with you guys and have fun with the penang bloggerrs =] Dianna

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