Saturday, October 12, 2013

USM Talent Corp SFCF Career Fair


I was thinking to blog about this SFCF Talent Crop, hmm maybe i shall start from why suddenly I get to go there. Last week I received an invitation from #Nuffnang, Malaysia to attend the career fair at @University Sains Malaysia. For me I rarely have chance to go into USM, so going to career fair that organized by USM is already an awesome experience. 

#Career Fair
So what is is SFCF Talent Crop? SFCF is actually defined as Sector Focused Career Fair, It is a place which connects graduates and employers. It aims to increase the career awareness among the public by hosting another SFCF at USM, and also optimist Malaysia talent. That's we so called "Talent Crop". This joint effort mainly is focusing on science, healthcare and social science which is written on the advertising materials.

Everyone look sleepy in the early morning

One thing good of SFCF was they offered opportunity for graduates to personally meet with the senior personnel from participating companies and consult them for more information. This helps to guide them in their future planning and discovery. Besides, the graduates can also have better understanding on respective fields such as Science, Healthcare and Social Science.

#Career Talk
We also went to the career talk in the hall, seems like we were back to school time lolll. Honestly I dint take much photos cause I feel awkward when everyone is concentrating to the talk and I'm there taking pictures non stop. I am scared to interrupt them. Anyway let me tell you about the career talk. Career talk is a platform developed for the young generation to engage with prominent industry leader while the Couch Corner Slot was specially for the visitors to interact personally, such as students.

"SFCF is organized to educate the public particularly student on the choice of career path available for them which synergize with their interests, skills and knowledge" said by Mohd.Daniel Adam Janudin during his speech. 

The bloggers

#Activies- IQ Game Section
There's a game section to test on your IQ level, you will be answering several questions and it's mostly about your general knowledge. I don't dare to play, how embarrassing what if I don't have even one question with the right answer loll. 

"I am trying...gimme a second" 

Camy, Ann and Kharnyee

At the end of the event, we went for an early breakfast at Noise. Is kinda sad we din managed to meet up Jxhia and Carmen, nevermind lahhh next time :) And I would like to thank Nuffnang and USM for the great invitation, the career fair was very successful and the activities turned smoothly. It was really helpful to inspire me on a clearer path.
The Menu

Constance and Amelia :)

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