Saturday, October 05, 2013

Ze parties

I couldn't remember how many parties and events that we went together on September,we had fun even thought it was a very packed month yet I felt tempted to accept all the invitations. Would it merely drain my time? Err I guess no as long as I can arrange my time perfectly, that's not a problem. So I am gonna sum up all the pictures to save my time, no kidding tons of pictures to edit seriously. 

It was our first party at @Cuvee after the Absoult Hibiskus Launching @ Mois if you still remember.

Best pictures of the night

The girlsss

I was the one with super red cheek, my face goes red once I start to drink :(

My BFF in life, Yunice

Someone's hand interrupted lolll. Jealousy kills 

With Gillian

With Shelyn

The guys

Sweet bird, Yunice and Ron

With ma boy :)

And the next party was held at @Cocoon, Penang during the grand opening in Upper Penang Road. We went to experience the new phenomena, and Cocoon is totally a new concept by the Quattro group. There's are two wildly successful Cocoon in KL, and this time was in Penang. Glad that we have more clubs now.

In case you want to rock the party, call up for reservation or check out their outlet in No.4 Upper Penang Road,10000 Georgetown Penang.

And the last round in Cuvee for celebrating Szeker's 18th birthday. Happy belated birthday sweetheart, you just turned officially 18. OMG I am 21 in a blink of an eye, god bless me.

Pretty babe- Jxhia and Gillian


  1. Hi fione, may I know what type of camera did you use when enter to club. It is so clear nice but mine got worse :(

    please visit to my blog

    1. I am using Sony Nex5 :) Thanks for visiting babe


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