Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Thrilled Halloween- Mermaid


What first came into your mind when people mentioned about Halloween? Dress up as scary or slutty as you can! Halloween is a time of celebration and superstition which including activities such as trick or treating, attending costume parties, playing pranks and telling ghost stories. There's some people ask me what I came as, err you guess??? I initially planned to be a Tinkle belle lahh, because I am short and petite size. But I failed to fit into that sexy costume which I have no boobies -.- So I dressed up as a mermaid queen. 

Getting a costume in Penang is uneasy, I've been Google-ing until I found there's a new opening costume in Tanjung Bunga so finally we were managed to rent those costumes! PartyMix is like a shopping heaven and they have variety choices. OMGGGG so hard to make up my mind. And we were kinda lucky to have Shan Zhu as our make up artist for make over session. No doubt, my hair do was pretty amazing!! Very girlish and meanwhile it looks cool also!

Photo credits to Kino

Thanks to LeonardChua for inviting us as this was my very 1st time in celebrating Halloween. The Thrilled Halloween party was organized by Hong Leong bank with Livescape Asia in #China House, Penang! Pretty stunned with their horror and freaky decoration in overall. 

Vampire emcee hello

DJ Eva T

Photos credit to CarmenLayrynn, her cam did a great job :)

I went there as a mermaid queen, Yey queen. I was desperate to put the crown on top lolll. C'mon let me be a queen for one day laaaaa

"I am your mermaid queen baby, QUEEN!" I said to boyf
".....Queen pulakk...." 
Boyfie's face literally went to -.-

<3 p="">

My sexiest baby, Shelyn!

Red hair doll,Jxhia!

Lil devil, Carmenlayrynn 

Vampire, Karwei!

With Carmen and Shelyn :)

What the hell my hand is doing?

Group Shot of MHB

The best costume award won by Jaclyn! Homygod, I was the one who bring her to the party and I din't won anything (Jealous x1).  She won a mini Ipad ( Jealous x2).... Nevermind .... Then Shelyn's turn, she also won a mini Ipad (Jealous x3)! Bloody hell I got nothing lolll. But wait I actually won something also, a small gift extension cable for pen-drive. Considered as my "CONSOLATION" price. I have great sympathy for myself :'( 




We had so much fun that night!!Thanks to Hong Leong Bank for organizing such great party and Leonard for the invitation! I wish there's another Halloween party in the next following year :) In case you need to rent a costume for yourself? Here is the detail information. 

Party Mix:
Address: 501-3B, Wisma Thong Sin, Jalan Tanjung Bungah, 11200 Penang
Tel: +04-8993958 
Email: sales@partymix.com.my

Friday, November 22, 2013

Korea Bubu Lipstick Review


My lip been classified as a sensitive lip, personally I don't apply anything on my lip no matter is lip balm, lip gloss or lip stick. Until @ifound_wardrobe sponsored me a few Korean items which including a Bubu pinky lipstick, I felt inspired to try out some new colors on my lip. Initially I was kinda worry about my lip condition will getting worst or crack, but luckily this situation din't happened on me. 

The reason why I'am sharing this Bubu Korea lipstick is because I experienced it myself and I found that it is good. I actually received 3CE concealer and the lipstick months ago, I felt deeply guilty for dragging the post. Anyway today gonna be the lipstick review first,so stay tuned for my 3CE review. 

Originally made in Korea

"Never overlook a lipstick, just a quick swipe of lipstick and a woman can go from drab to fab, brigtening up her face and bringing attention to her smile" said by Toronto make up artist Jessica Jean Myres. Lipstick comes with different striking colors and one can never get bored.Bur for me pink is always irresistible and my all time favorite, I was glad that @ifound_wardrobe sponsored me a pink lipstick lolll. Before this my lip used to be very pale  and dead, I never realize our lip color is actually very important to complete our overall make up. 

Mommy is a fan of lipsticks, she always try to convince me to apply. I was like " enough mom, enough. I hate lipstick very sticky" Is it me or anyone feeling weird to put on lipstick, how am I gonna to eat? I guess I am the only weirdo who hate lipstick lolll (**Not girly). Until I decided to take my first move to try on Bubu lipstick, it has changed my perception, otherwise I am still that weirdo girl. 

So here goes for the tutorial and there's several step to follow

1. To keep your lip moisture, I recommend you to apply lip moisturizer. It will protect your lip, I am now using Vaseline.

2. Choose the color or series #No.6

Hot pinks that create a very stylish look now 

3. Be gentle when you apply your lipstick

Taadah, the outcome! Pretty amazing?

You just need to apply adequate amount of the lipstick, and I pretty love it. If you wonder how long it last, I would like to say no worries, the color is very long lasting and it smells good. To keep your mouth in perfect pucker condition, not forget to apply lip balm to ensure your lips smooth and healthy.

Do check them out #Ifound_wardrobe, they also offer vintage shoes, dresses, shorts, bags, phone casing,pluggy and more. Any enquiry, please do not hesitate to ask me or them. 

How to purchase?

Please contact Ifound_wardrobe
Email: Ifoundwardrobe@hotmail.my
Instagram: Ifound_wardrobe

Line/wechat: 012-6410905

Friday, November 15, 2013

Gather's Cafe

Bello dearies, my girls and I went to cafe exploring again! My life is boring though, we were initially blogging half way in Who's Bryan and I was the one who suggested very randomly! So we went to Gathers cafe which located at Raja Uda, Butterworth. More and more cafes are mushrooming in Penang Island and Butterworth, I am going to be a cafe hunter very soon! 

We drove all the way from Island to Butterworth, definitely worth it for us to hunt for delicious food! Thanks to our awesome driver, Gillian so we found the cafe very easily. She always drive like a fast and furious, I am not kidding LOLLL. Lemme remind you, remember to put on your seat belt if you have chance to carpool with her :)

Gathers cafe:

I was stunned. 22 rules lolll

There's some magazine hanging on the wall

Gathers cafe probably the strictest cafe that I ever been as you have to follow 22 rules! I felt a lil bit awkward to talk louder after I read the board sign. However, I enjoy the quality foods and I was quite desperate to take picture!

No doubt Gathers cafe has a very cozy environment I would say, a nice place for friends gathering and escape from hectic life! Most of all I love their interior design with comfy chairs. They serve coffee and beverages by adding creative coffee arts, a brilliant idea that make the cafe outstanding from the others. Anyway the teddy bears seems too innocent, just cant resist the cuteness I don't bear to drink it :'( Boyf and I wish to run our own cafe, own pastries somedays! With aviation theme, what do you think??


My darling, Shelyn 

Gillian and Joe

Poor lil teddy I am gonna pour the espresso on you!

Birdy Style Affogato
(Vanilla ice cream & Espresso)

Oreo Ice Cream Waffle with favorite toppings!

Baby's beverage 

Too innocent nawww!

Gathers Cafe
Address: 155, Jalan Raja Uda, Butterworth, Penang 12300
Contact: 04-3249657
Business hours: 2pm-11pm, closed on Wednesday 

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