Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Captain Lee's wedding

I looked so exhausted even though I just took a fifteen minute flight loll. A very beautiful scenery at Cenang and the sun was shining on the glittering sand!  Anyway here's a little sharing of my travel essentials before I start to blog for my trip. I love to travel but there's always something that I hate, I distaste to pack my own travel bag. I always try to take less and less and still lament having too much, then at last I managed to get everything fit into my backpack and caused OVERLOADING. The famous saying goes, everything is essential. So it is advisable to make a list, and take a minimum quantity during your+ trip. Trust me, you wont want to carry a super heavy backpack along your journey. What to take? Essential clothing, travel pack of skin care products, small medical kit and your electronic devices. More than enough. 

Basically I took the travel pack as it comes with small container such as Laneign toner, water bank essence and hydro gel. It is small and cheap travel friendly quantities, so take the absolute minimum. For eye make up I took eyebrow pencil, Kiss Me coloring eyerow, gel eye linear and color contact lens, simple as that. Of course my Laneign loose powder is also a neccesity. For my lips, I'took the 3CE lips pigment as it is light enough. Lastly If you noticed  there's a small bottle that put along with my contact lens casing, that's my Channel 5 perfume :) It was originally a sample bottle and so much convenience for me.


While waiting for departure

Triumph in the sky *dramatic queen

My Iphone5 did a great job uh?

I love how the sky look like, it was so amazing. 在飞机上世界都在你脚下,看到世界这么大自己其实有多渺小! Ughh I am always so in love with the sky, I felt I was getting closer with my grandma. She must be around here, high up in the sky. Hi grandma, I miss you.

We reached at Cenang around 4pm and we quickly checked in the hotel and went off to the beach! Awesome for a group of friends and familes to enjoy an awesome beach holiday and bond. There is a salty breeze blowing through my face and long hair, very impressive sea view lahhh! How good if boyf was here, we can watch sunrise together so romantic man! 


A random shot, getting tan under the sun

Can you see how beautiful is it?

Alcoholic Benedict was hugging his beers


I was so excited for the cable ride and luckily I was never afraid of height, I always trusted the cable car system idk why lolll. It goes way high up and Wendell kept saying that cable car will break off. But I still felt nothing, I thought that incident only happen in a movie?

Grand view! Up to the sky

My aunt was mumbling about the height all the way long.

I was so bloody impressed by the view I could have just fainted,I looked down from top was incredible. I don't regret to have a cable car ride and the price was reasonable by sowing your ID card. I wish to come again with boyfie, he gotta look at this gorgeous view :) Okay back to the topic actually the purpose of this trip was to attend Captain Lee's wedding ceremony. I came along with my aunt and bunch of her primary students. Captain Lee was one of them and he was getting married!

After this, we went to his beach wedding ceremony #Sugar. The venue was fully decorated with balloons and bouquets everywhere, it makes the environment looks warm and romantic. I love all the floras design, it creating a vintage style and it is my perfect dream wedding.Besides it was aviation themed so we all got a paper airplane before we went in. Everything just went so perfectly.

Loving their wedding shoot in airport

Photos credited to Benedict

Witness signature

The decoration was so breathtakingly beautiful

Airplane model that he collected

With my hilarious expression I was laughing like a mad people throughout

Wendell and I playing with the DIY cards that we got from the counter. He's a very talkative guy, he shared lots of his story with us that we so called " love story".Seems like he is very experienced in relationship (He really is...) I might need to consultant him in the future uh HAHAHA!

Marriage does not guarantee you will be together forever, it's only a paper. It takes loves, respect, toleration, trust, understanding and faith in your relationship to make it last. Definitely there's wont be a perfect marriage, but as long as you put effort in the relationship and you'll remain a strong bonding in a marriage. I used to imagine about my marriage, how it gonna be? :) Anyway both of them are very matching. 

At night we went to hotel dinner and snapping pics as usual

So adorable!Inside were little gift for the guests

Simple elegant wedding cakes

Me, Aunt, Debra and Lyn

Once again showers of blessings and wishes to both of them. May they have a happy wedded life. XOXO.


  1. Your blog is amazing. :) You are pretty too. I'm lovin' it.

    Mind to take a look at my blog too ?

  2. wow nice place for wedding. next time urs wanna do where? =p

    1. err I want to do in the garden also :D like twilight perhaps? hehe

  3. omgg. so cool eh! especially the wedding photo!

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