Friday, November 15, 2013

Gather's Cafe

Bello dearies, my girls and I went to cafe exploring again! My life is boring though, we were initially blogging half way in Who's Bryan and I was the one who suggested very randomly! So we went to Gathers cafe which located at Raja Uda, Butterworth. More and more cafes are mushrooming in Penang Island and Butterworth, I am going to be a cafe hunter very soon! 

We drove all the way from Island to Butterworth, definitely worth it for us to hunt for delicious food! Thanks to our awesome driver, Gillian so we found the cafe very easily. She always drive like a fast and furious, I am not kidding LOLLL. Lemme remind you, remember to put on your seat belt if you have chance to carpool with her :)

Gathers cafe:

I was stunned. 22 rules lolll

There's some magazine hanging on the wall

Gathers cafe probably the strictest cafe that I ever been as you have to follow 22 rules! I felt a lil bit awkward to talk louder after I read the board sign. However, I enjoy the quality foods and I was quite desperate to take picture!

No doubt Gathers cafe has a very cozy environment I would say, a nice place for friends gathering and escape from hectic life! Most of all I love their interior design with comfy chairs. They serve coffee and beverages by adding creative coffee arts, a brilliant idea that make the cafe outstanding from the others. Anyway the teddy bears seems too innocent, just cant resist the cuteness I don't bear to drink it :'( Boyf and I wish to run our own cafe, own pastries somedays! With aviation theme, what do you think??


My darling, Shelyn 

Gillian and Joe

Poor lil teddy I am gonna pour the espresso on you!

Birdy Style Affogato
(Vanilla ice cream & Espresso)

Oreo Ice Cream Waffle with favorite toppings!

Baby's beverage 

Too innocent nawww!

Gathers Cafe
Address: 155, Jalan Raja Uda, Butterworth, Penang 12300
Contact: 04-3249657
Business hours: 2pm-11pm, closed on Wednesday 


  1. Why are the affogato and hot drink so cuteeee! :P well I used to cafe hopping every weekend when I was in Penang too hehe

  2. the affogato is real cute! and the waffle looks so tempting =P

    Heaven Knows


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