Friday, November 22, 2013

Korea Bubu Lipstick Review


My lip been classified as a sensitive lip, personally I don't apply anything on my lip no matter is lip balm, lip gloss or lip stick. Until @ifound_wardrobe sponsored me a few Korean items which including a Bubu pinky lipstick, I felt inspired to try out some new colors on my lip. Initially I was kinda worry about my lip condition will getting worst or crack, but luckily this situation din't happened on me. 

The reason why I'am sharing this Bubu Korea lipstick is because I experienced it myself and I found that it is good. I actually received 3CE concealer and the lipstick months ago, I felt deeply guilty for dragging the post. Anyway today gonna be the lipstick review first,so stay tuned for my 3CE review. 

Originally made in Korea

"Never overlook a lipstick, just a quick swipe of lipstick and a woman can go from drab to fab, brigtening up her face and bringing attention to her smile" said by Toronto make up artist Jessica Jean Myres. Lipstick comes with different striking colors and one can never get bored.Bur for me pink is always irresistible and my all time favorite, I was glad that @ifound_wardrobe sponsored me a pink lipstick lolll. Before this my lip used to be very pale  and dead, I never realize our lip color is actually very important to complete our overall make up. 

Mommy is a fan of lipsticks, she always try to convince me to apply. I was like " enough mom, enough. I hate lipstick very sticky" Is it me or anyone feeling weird to put on lipstick, how am I gonna to eat? I guess I am the only weirdo who hate lipstick lolll (**Not girly). Until I decided to take my first move to try on Bubu lipstick, it has changed my perception, otherwise I am still that weirdo girl. 

So here goes for the tutorial and there's several step to follow

1. To keep your lip moisture, I recommend you to apply lip moisturizer. It will protect your lip, I am now using Vaseline.

2. Choose the color or series #No.6

Hot pinks that create a very stylish look now 

3. Be gentle when you apply your lipstick

Taadah, the outcome! Pretty amazing?

You just need to apply adequate amount of the lipstick, and I pretty love it. If you wonder how long it last, I would like to say no worries, the color is very long lasting and it smells good. To keep your mouth in perfect pucker condition, not forget to apply lip balm to ensure your lips smooth and healthy.

Do check them out #Ifound_wardrobe, they also offer vintage shoes, dresses, shorts, bags, phone casing,pluggy and more. Any enquiry, please do not hesitate to ask me or them. 

How to purchase?

Please contact Ifound_wardrobe
Instagram: Ifound_wardrobe

Line/wechat: 012-6410905


  1. Hey there love your blog! Especially the header! :) Mind looking at mine? Here

    I just posted about my weight loss too. And I just realized that our favicons is almost the same. :) x

  2. Hi girl! how much is this lipstick ya?:)

    1. Hi dear, you can personally inbox Ifound_wardrobe for the price :)

  3. hahaha like barbie doll after applying the pink lipstick! =p

    1. Wow:D sweet mouth uh you but still thanks for the compliment :)

  4. You looks hot babe

  5. the lipstick look nice with you...really pretty...
    done follow your blog^^


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