Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Highlights of my 2013!

Every year, the last day of December I like to take time to look back on the past 12 months. Previously I keep on blogging about my advertorials, events , projects and so on, hopefully you wont get bored of me! So since today is the last day in 2013 I guess I should reserve this post for my last personal update. If I had to describe my 2013 in a word, that would be " amazing". I met awesome people in my life, I laughed, I teared and my life keep on changing. But one thing that hasn't changed though is that I spent my years doing what I love: BLOGGING! Things are a lot different now, I can finally earn from my blog like I wished, but of course there's not the main thing. What really makes me happy is, I have readers like you who support me all the way long, which is something definitely to be grateful for. 

In this year, I together with my boyfriend and I bought a baby puddle, Queenie. I am so obsessed to her cause she is too adorable and I barely can use a word to describe her. Dogs are social animals, most of them feel comfortable being close to you especially in nighttime. That's why she used to sleep next to me everyday, I also enjoy having my canine companions with me while I was sleeping. I so in love with her!

This was the FIRST day I bought her, she's nearly as big as a toy.

Having her FIRST hair cut

FIRST outing with us

She means a lot to me! Oh, boyfriend also, of course lolol. Let's talk about my unromantic boyfriend. I always told him, romantic is not overrated. In fact romance is a key ingredient for any successful relationship. But, that's how his personality and he still continue being an unromantic boyfriend for the whole year :O Anyway I still love him lah. I love to act like a kid when I be with him, and the world grows when you do the silly thing you loved to do as a kid.

Thanks for being thoughtful and always be there for me! Happy 303 days! Still have 62 days to go on until our first year anniversary! Bear in mind, please be romantic in that time hehehhe!

I don't need a perfect relationship, but a person who crazy with me

A person who truly love me and support me all the way

And a person who I can rely on his back

And I also met awesome people in my life: Shelyn, Gillian, Jxhia, Carmen, Nicole, Rickho, MissKuan and more! I am so grateful for their support and everything! Gahhhh I hope I can have better words/description to describe all of them, but.....I am short of words lolll, limited vocabulary now :O

Baby Shelyn!
There's so many people thought that we are sisters, as our surname both start with OOI and we both are staying at the same area, previously also from the same high school. 

Baby Yunice:

Another BFF in life and my listener from time to time. I really wish I can elaborate more, but seriously I have no idea how should I describe everything between us. I shall keep this in my heart, for both of us! 

Baby Gill

My fast and furious BFF, I always describe her like this! She used to talk a lot, laugh a lot and a very cheerful person. I should surround myself with people who can lift me higher and learn how to be a positive person like her :)

Absolute Hibiscus Tasting Party 

Club Asahi Miami

I met Stephanie and Kate in person for the FIRST time

With Chuckei <3 font="">

With Tcmaine

Chivas Night Magnum

Elegantology party

Sam Groceria Grand opening

Shelyn's birthday

Thrilled Halloween Party

Thrist Pre-Party

Cuvee Random's Party

Jelly Bunny Grand Opening

Sunway Celcom Blogger Race

So let'see what I've achieved in this year?

My FIRST purple red hair 

Filming Interview

Sponsored pre-wedding album from Semences studio

My first flea market at Black House Zakka with Shelyn

Sponsored Items

One of the Malaysia Hottest Blogger (MHB)

I bought myself an Iphone5

And a Asus laptop

Nothing much I've achieved :'( I have to work harder in this coming year 2014! Anyway be thankful for what you have because there is always something to be thankful for. Thank the people who make a different in your life. Happy New Year in advance, have a great time tonight!
Monday, December 30, 2013

Glow Hotel with Kityi

I just freaking don't understand those people who having problems with bloggers. Of course you have right to post anything on your social media, but c'mon don't offense the bloggers as everyone has right to BLOG. I don't see how that's necessary for you to judge bloggers like this. Like one of my friend mentioned in her twitter, you think it's easy? Go start off a blog and see, you'll be damned. ass. To those who think bloggers desperately get famous by their blog, well what I can said is it doesn't represent the majority ok -.- Err no offense by the way, just expressing my opinion.

Anyway let's ignore that and continue my blog post. Just a little background before I start, Kityi came to Penang last week and we decided to have a hotel stay at Glow. We booked the hotel through the website and luckily this was the only hotel in Penang which is not " Fully book" yet. Cant blame, we were too last minute and also in holiday season. GLOW, it was truly a latest hotel in Penang and fully functional. Everyone had tons of fun and got along so well.

One photo before I start :)

The outlook: Glow, Penang

While waiting for them to check in

Few shots of the hotel

Here's the interior of our room. I was surprised that how neat it is even though not very spacious as we thought. It had a small toilet with hair dryers and towers. It was about 2pm by time we arrived, so we left our luggage bag in the hotel and we headed to #Brown Pocket,Paragon for lunch.

Previously I've went there for dinner with boyf but I have no time to blog about it. So now I'll summarize all. Brown Pocket is a newly opened cafe in Paragon which is located at 6th floor, right opposite to Celebrity Fitness. They mainly serve Waffles with combination of ice cream, chocolates and crepe, and they also offer coffee and other signature desserts.

My lucky number

A classy and inspired design

Super spacious and nice ambiance

We ordered Triple Chocolate Liege Waffle

As you can see, the crispy waffles served with 3 different types of chocolates such as White Chocolate, Milk Chocolate and Dark Chocolate, in addition topped with butter almond ice cream with Oreo plus Whipped Cream (Omg Oreo and whipped cream are my favorite). First thing came into my mind " Am I gaining weight like this?". Triple chocolates you know lololll. I drizzled with dark chocolates and whipped cream...... Fabulous combination. *Fat die! Anyway Tripe Chocolate Liege Waffle is the best seller and most highly recommended, so try it out!

And a happy Kityi

After that we went back to hotel and proceeded to swim cause it was quite late already. Swim with our bikinis, Shelyn and Kityi wore the same bikini as they just bought from H&M on the spot lolol.. I took a goddamn long time to edit, actually there's a video but haven't done editing :(

While we were half way recording the videos in the pool, the angmohs were laughing and they wore on their face an amused look. WHAT? Asian cannot take videos isit? :P

Vain Vain :P

ME in pink



Kit Yi

We had so much fun together and we were happy that Kityi came to Penang ! Except for the dinner time and party time, me and Shelyn had a fight with our bfs which made everyone feel quite awkward, for twice -.- Sorry about that Kityi, hope you take this as an opportunity to have better understanding about us :P But everything was okay after that! Hope to see you again baby! 
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