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Tean Ean Local Products Sdn.Bhd.


This week has been pretty busy, I have to attend events with Shelyn and also my final exam is just around the corner. I barely have a nice sleep gahhhh. I know my blog seems become a space for advertorials and lack of my personal update nowadays. Maybe you would like to follow me in Dayre: Fioneooi :( I usually live update on my Dayre as it is much more convenient, Dayre takes the idea of blogging and puts it in the palm of your hand lololl. Oh ya it is now available for IOS or Android so no worries. Follow me kk!

So last week I got invited to visit Tean Ean Local Products with Shelyn, it was such a pleasure as I never been there before. So happy I can said because both of us can always attend the same event, which mean our photos are uncountable. 

Tian Ean was founded in 1995 and located at Jalan Sultan Ahmad Shah, populary known as the millionaires row, a stone throw away from Gurney Drive. As you can see, the location are very spacious and they have ample of parking spaces so you don't have to worry you gotta park your car outside and end up with saman lol. 

Gong gong po po

Lets start with Bak Kut Teh

"Bak KutTeh is a chinese soup populary served in Malaysia or Singapore where there is a predominant Hoklo and TeoChew community"

Tean Ean is well known for its Bak Kut Teh and the packets of Bak Kut Teh were fomulated by the owners grandfather in the 1990s in Penang. 

Feeling curiosity with their background?

The packaging is all in RED

The spices and ingredients in each packet, but you have to self prepare the union and chicken

Each box has 6 packets and it costed at RM48.60 only. It can be another gift to present to your relatives and friends perhaps?

We drank 4 cups of this, I swear! SUPER DELICIOUS

So now is Q&A session "How to cook?" First of all you need to boil 300ml water, then add on with 3 clove garlic by using big flame for 30 minutes. Next, add on 1 kati of meat by using small flame for another 30 minutes. Last step, add on 1/2 teaspoon of salt. Easy? My mom said she can immediately smell the taste right after I bring it out from my bag. Mouth-watering* 

Tau Sah Pneah

Tean Ean sell only freshly baked Tau Sar Pneah and their daily sales can up to 700-800 boxes. :OOOOO. They are making Tau Sar Pneah pastries in an " open kitchen" which reveals to customers that no persercatives and no MSG added to their cookies.

You thought is easy? I changed my mind after I experienced it myself.

We requested to DIY our own Tau Sar Pneah, just simply curious my handmade biscuit can eat ah? I already have the picture of my biscuit in an ugly shape -.- Nevermind, I think still can eat, should be?  And here comes the fun part! We  gets to learn how to make Tau Sar Pneah from master sifu, Teh Kok CHee and we can take back. The learning process takes bout 10 to 15 minutes and while the cookies are being baked in the oven for 20 minutes, we both wore the very cute apron and walked around. Chriz saw us and he was like" Hello dude, can you guys take off the apron first? lolll" 

Challenge accepted!

After 20 minutes...........

Our handmade cookies, you want?

" 有模有样,别开玩笑哦!" 

Tian Ean offers more than 300 local products currently, you can jot down a long list and search everything here. Super convenient!

Overall I was so happy to get this invitation. The day went absolutely great and it was an unforgettable experience. I also received a goodies bag from Tian Ean! So thoughtful of them, big thanks to Tian Ean:)

Tean Ean Local Products (M) Sdn. Bhd
Address: 90, Jalan Sultan Ahmad Shah, Georgetown, 10050 Penang.
Tel: 04-2298130       Fax: 04-2298134
Official Facbook page:

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