Friday, January 24, 2014

Foodpanda: Food delivery in Malaysia


I hate cooking and I hate the clean up, so most of my food comes in individual sized disposable packets from Tesco: Microwave rice, chicken pie, sadin fish and etc. I don't know how to cook, this is the thing I am most ashamed of, I pretty much depend on my boyfie or my mom to cook for me. Sometimes I am lazy so I'll call up for Mcdonald delivery for my dinner. Until I found out FoodPanda offer delivery services and it is immensely helpful, I was so happy that I can have wide selection now, food delivery is no longer just fast food (Ewww, puke**)

What it Food Panda?

Food Panda enable you to order food online in Malaysia and it is ridiculously easy! Within a few clicks only, you can order amazing food online. No more queuing up and you can simply avoid all the heavy traffic jam. Example, if you are craving for a hot and steaming pizza but lazy to go out for food? Order your pepperoni pizza from Papa John's. A short while later, it will be delivered to your doorstep, there is nothing better than not worrying about food. It helps to save your time and you can relax at home

"FoodPanda- The nationwide popular food delivery system which is connecting hungry people for great food. With many great restaurants such as Sakae Sushi, Sushi King, Starbucks, Claypot restaurant, Bella Mariono and etc. You can be sure that your food delivery experience will never be the same anymore "

You can now install the free foodpanda apps in your phone as it available for App Store and Android. Finally an app that makes ordering food fun, fast and easy! It is quick access to over 100 restaurant in Malaysia and offer huge selection including all your favorites. 

How to order? Follow me:
Step one: Download Foodpanda in your smartphone

Step two: Create an account to log in (

Step three: Enter your country, city and your exact location

Loading.....It takes around few seconds...

Select your country as I mentioned just now

Step 4 & 5 & 6
Select the available restaurant around you, select your items and check out the price.

Later while the food will be delivered to your doorstep, a great and healthful dinner will be on the other end of the day :) Its just at your fingertips, the easiness of browsing and effortless clicks which making my life easier.

1. How's the payment method?
They now only accept cash, however they are working on other payment methods

2.  How am I able to confirm my order list?
You'll soon to receive a confirmation email from Foodpanda and a SMS once the restaurant confirm your order

3. How long the delivery takes time?
It depends on the food you've ordered and the distance to your housing area from the restaurant.

Foodpanda operation hours is from 11am-11pm. You can reach them via:
2. Calling to customer service ambassador at +60327727268
3. Email:
4. Page: 


  1. Remember to discard all the seeds if possible by using basket sieve.You can use the Indian method of separating beans,it's very useful and effective.Malaysia Food

  2. It is always a delight being a happy customer for any service. And I have been such a customer for lately. They helped me get my visa for other countries while I was in Vietnam. Such helpful and friendly people I must say!

  3. Foodpanda is a great food delivery system where we can have lot of foodpanda coupons which really helps to save more money.


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