Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Red hair done by Hair Story

Finally I'am done with my torturing finals and glad to say that there's no finals anymore in my life! Now onward,I am more flexible in updating my blog and enjoy holidays like nobody business. Anyway for those of you who don't know yet, I dyed my hair RED!

The only one photo I have, tragedy. Now my red color faded within a month and turns into brown again wtf, I just so bored with my copper brown. So I decided to bleach my hair on this coming Chinese New Year. I aware that bleaching is a "vital" stage for your desired colors, at least once in a life time right? So just stay tuned while I am researching for my next desires color lolll.

I get my RED hair done in Penang International Hair Story which is located at E-gate. It is a very well known international hair fashion industry. In their saloon, they provided a very comfortable customer waiting areas with magazines and refreshments of premium beverages to keep you entertained while waiting for your turn. I got so anxious before I dyed my hair, I always have phobia in dye-ing my hair which sound pretty insane. -.- Luckily my professional hair stylish was so patient and consulted me, so eventually I picked RED. WHY? Because there's no other option loll. The most common colors list: copper brown, red and ashy green. Somemore coward person like me don't have the guts to bleach my hair and go for the other "super chio"color, now regret.

Dream catcher phone sticker sponsored by @Ifound_wardrobe

Some anxiety still lurked in my mind

Baby Shelyn sat next to me

After few hours later......
Purple Red

Shelyn's ashy green with orange dip-dyed

Failed to spot my RED in the dark :(


We coincidentally wore white again :)

Thanks to Hair Story and the outcome satisfied me alot. For more enquires, check out their page at 

E-Gate Outlet:
1-01-21 Ground Floor (egate) Lebuh Tunku Kudin 2,
11700 Gelugor, Penang 


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  1. wow. pretty in The Red.nice color .hairstory at penang?


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