Sunday, January 19, 2014

Style Advisor for Glasses Online


I love to complete my outlook with sporty sunglasses which makes me look fashionable. I am a person that very obsessed to casual look, so I was planning to look for a new pair of sunglasses to match my New Year outfit.  Just in time I received an email from "GlassesOnline Malaysia", the first on-line eyewear retailer in Malaysia. I've been selected as one of their "style advisor", so they were sending me an image of a pair of sunglasses which suit my style and make a great outfit I would recommended for Chinese New Year. So let's find out what's is trending in 2014.

Wondering how to put on a fashion look? Its all start out with a cool sunglasses. There's a couple of trick! First pick your favourite outfit, you can go for black as black is always the coolest colour for me. Then accessorize with the latest pair of sunglasses, that's simple. You can always match the sunglasses with number of outfits and in very different moods, it really make a huge different! Trust me


And now I would like to aid you on your own way to picking the best choice of sunglasses that will make you perfectly look fashionable. Hopefully the collage below can give you a better idea :)

First Look

Second Look

Chunky, oval and matte sunglasses

These are sure to give any outfit a retro and stylish finish. We must add, this is the perfect way to hide away any puffy-ness from a late night! A black matte finish will give an air of sophistication while sassy red will give any outfit a loud oomph.

The Oh So Feminine Cats Eye 

Lately, the 50′s styled glasses are everywhere – this only says one thing: this trend is here to stay! They are the right kind of dramatic and exude a subtle elegance.

Add a little detail

A little detail has never hurt anyone, in fact, detail is what makes you unique – if you are brave enough, if you dare, find something just as unique as you are.
If you have a square face, try something with round hues so as to soften and balance everything out. Heart shaped faces on the other hand can stick to over sized sunnies with either a gold chain rimming the sides, or soft pearls neatly stuck on the corners.

So if you are looking for quality eyewear at remarkable low price, you've come to the right place now. Glasses online offer a wide selection of high quality eyeglasses, frames, contact lens and branded sunglasses for both men and women. For my readers, you'll have a discount code for rm20 in a purchase over Rm100 valid until 31st of January 2014! Quickly check out their official page at and!

Have fun picking your look for 2014


  1. super yeng the first photo <3 <3

  2. I can say, that I don't like to wear glasses. Maybe, it is because they don't fit to my face. Anyway, the glasses, you shared, are very beautiful.


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