Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Skincerity @ Nightly Breathable Masque review


Being a women is troublesome and not easy at all. We always wanted a desired S shape body, we wanted a healthy long hair, and also we wanted a fair and flawless baby skin! I know that almost every girl spent lot on their skincares, keep searching for the best and it took you years to find your favorite product! But what's the best for you? Once you never try, you'll never know. Now I found a new product in the market, Skincerity! You just need to apply on nighttime before you go to bed. 

Nightly Breathable Masque

Everyone wish to has a softer, smoother skin with a noticeable healthy glow. And Skincerity is a revolutionary cosmetic barrier that helps your skin feel smoother and look younger in just days. It is the world’s only cosmetic product with patented Breathable Barrier® technology that seals in your own natural moisture to deeply hydrate your skin. It both infuses antioxidants and allows oxygen molecules to penetrate the barrier to help restore and rejuvenate your skin. The results are nothing less than amazing.

It's look like "UHU gam" in the liquid form

Skincerity is in liquid form, and it smells like "UHU Gam" lolll. Apparently it also function like a "UHU gam". Very cooling and sticky.

Before start using it, wash your face & make sure it is clean

I pretty sure you learned how to apply UHU GAM during your primary school, and same thing! Do it on your own face, roll on your skin nightly at bedtime ( or after your favourite regimen).

Gently rolling on your skin
Remember to hold your breathe because the smell is really.....heavy

Let it dry. Maybe you can go to bed?

The next morning you will see your face with those white sticky pieces

You can remove each morning with warm water, cleanser, facial wipes or moisturizer. Even a man can do this, men do not care for their skin on a daily basis which means their skin is rougher, has more wrinkles, and ages faster. Skincerity is prerfect for men as well, it is safe to use on all skin tones and skin types because clinically tested,dermatologist recommended ! Basically Skincerity is made in USA!

  • Deep cleans on contact and flash-dries in seconds.
  • Delivers a continual source of antioxidants to combat sun damage.
  • Smart-science clinging action helps shed dull skin cells.
  • Re-hydrates your skin naturally.
  • Nourishes damaged, parched skin.
  • Diminishes the appearance of facial redness, does not clog pores.
  • Reduces the appearance of fine lines, wrinkles, and enlarged pores.
  • Prevent the signs of premature aging.
  • Safe & Tested

Finally I wont have to change my regimen or replace my favorites anymore! I'll still continue using this until it turns my skin into flawless baby skin:) Thanks to Amy who sponsored me this bottle of Skincerity. Let's roll together with Skincerity.

If you are interested to purchase, contact Amy Wong 016-4529630/Nicholas 0164459630

Sunday, February 23, 2014

Valentine day 2014 @ Deluxcious

Before I start my Valentine post, I would like to reveal our love story here :) So with most of my good fortune, I've met him in the club. Myself cant even believe that I dated with a guy I knew from a club, cause almost everyone perceived that guys who go to club is normally a "BAD BOY, PLAY BOY, LOVE HUNTER, FLIRTY GUY " or etc.  

He sent me a friend request in Facebook after we met in the club. I accepted after consideration and he spoke to me. Somehow his profile picture doesn't give me any good impression, he took photo with two hot chicks in the club. See? I told you, guys who go to club is a obviously a bad guy lolll. "Whatever he is, who cares? He is not my boyfriend, he is not anyone of mine and this is was not my place to give any comment" I told myself. But, can we be friend? Not a big deal lahhh, so is ok.

One day, he confessed to me. I was highly suspicious he must be kidding me or he is not serious in this. How long we get to know each other? Weird enough, how dare he take this as a joke? So I stopped talking to him and we both also moved on with our own life. Until a few months later, we had our conversation back because he was comforting me through Facebook when he saw my emo status. I spilled out my secrets to him and I started being much closer with him after that. We started to chat more often in sms, Facebook or phone calls. I realized that he liked me, and yes he confessed the second time. Still weird, this time I felt his sincerity. From everything he did to me.

Last year of Valentine, he booked a table in Love Byte and he invited me for a dinner. WHY NOT? I was single. But honestly I felt so nervous I don't even dare to look at his eyes. Why must him sitting opposite me, I hate the eye contact and this was pretty awkward which I want to kill myself. And also I was surprised that he gave me a bouquets of roses, wahh romantic right? Apparently guys only learn how to be romantic when they wants to get a girl loll. NOW? He said "I got no idea how to be romantic....." @@

One months later, March 3 we were officially in relationship until now! What I can say is, so far he did a very great job as a boyfriend. He is fighting the urge to make me the happiest women on earth. He sees the beauty in me,I hope I don't sound like a self-obsessed person LOLLL! But he told me what makes him fall in love is because I am a very kind person and easy to be satisfied. A little thing is more than enough to makes me happy :)

So 2 weeks earlier, I was giving my boyfriend a hint that "Valentine is just around the corner" and I wanted to keep our celebration a surprise. Like previously I said, he is not a romantic boyfriend and I already expected he ended up nothing lolll. So eventually I was the one decided to go Deluxcious to dine in. It is one of the list on romantic restaurant for Valentine Day in Penang, the romantic sensation that fills the air has brought many couples into its cores. Of course it is a perfect place to bind that love that you share with your loves one. 

Hi Baby!

They served buffet dinner and you can order anything you want from the menu given, quite interesting cause I dont have to walk so many round to get my food. But so sad I couldnt take very nice photos because I was not familiar with my new Sony camera setting, all the food pictures turned out blur :(

The only food photo, Seafood Spaghetti 


A bad photo taken by bangala :(

This year Valentine, I don't receive bouquet of roses, I don't' have a romantic and surprise celebration yet I am still happy to be with him! Not going to express a lot of romantic words here, because I believe he knows what I want to say! Happy Valentine baby!


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