Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Blog about your passion

Inspiration strike in this hour, I feel like blogging now. So after all the overloaded ads in my blog, finally i have some time for my personal updates! I am glad that I doing fine with my blogging career, I am proud that I still not giving up on writing. Many times I wish to give up, it ain't easy being a blogger .I've been blogging for two years, with this site having been established in 2011. Back then, I din't really know that blog can actually earn money. But ever since I can earn from my blog, I started to face all the situation below. And I still learning in every lesson

1. Complaining and be greedy

You may or may not realize it yet, the more you have, the more you want. Everyone hopping for the best on everything, you will first wanted for attention, then pageview, then fame, then money, and status. I am not saying that I am famous, NOOOOO I am not (totally not). But I am not truly satisfied with what I have, I feel that I am not doing good enough. I keep wanting more and more, more is never enough for me. And I work harder for my goal, I pushed myself too hard. 

"WHY is my pageview so less? "

"WHY is my advertorials so less? "

“WHY is my followers so less? "

"WHY is my likes on Facebook so less"

2. Haters/ Dramas

One more thing, you gotta learn how to deal the shit out. Haters are everywhere. Dramas are everywhere. People criticize on you, they judge you for no reason. So ask yourself, can you stand how people attack you? Previously I can't.....My heart skips a beat when I saw nasty comment/ offended tweet on me. Even you want peace, but people might doesn't want to be peace. They create dramas so tell me. What should you do? This is a part of human nature.

Then I started to practice a habit " Think before you speak". I learned to be careful with my words,  because once they are said, they can only be forgiven but not forgotten! Even I don't' agree what is he/she doing, but I choose to keep quiet and not to tell him/her the truth. The situation become:

“ So do you think this is all my fault?"

"No...." ( Yes, whispered in heart)

" Do you think I should apologize? "

"No......" (Yes, you should)

Get what I mean. Sometime not we want to be fake, but we're afraid to tell the truth. We might scare to offend someone indirectly and in fact we don't have the bad intention.


Okay so who out there are facing the same problem? OOTD, yes bloggers always need different outfit, if not you might receive an email saying that :" Another same and boring ootd". You walk up to your overflowing closet and yet you still cant figure out what to wear. My boyfriend thinks I am crazy. I have enough of clothes to get me through a year, but I never want to wear the same thing twice. So it happens to me regularly, I approach my closet and I have nothing to wear. Frustrated all the time :O

I no longer remember what's my initial purpose for blogging. I don't blog for myself anymore, but I blog for the others. I am pleasing those people who expected who am I. I pushed myself so hard, I am not happy in the depth of my heart. I hate how I mind bout people look at me, I hate how I care bout what people say bout me, I hate all the shit dramas and I hate to figure out what stupid ootd . I am done with all of these. I told my friends that I want to quit blogging and stay in jungle to stay away from all kind dramas. I need peace. 

But they constantly console me that I shouldn't give up everything. The minute you think of giving up, think of the reason why you held on so long. After MH370 case, I realized that life is too short. I could not please anyone. Whether or not what people would think bout you, just let them be.

Imagine, if you're one of the passenger on the board and you're able to return safely on the land. Would you still find that fame? status? readership? likes? haters? ARE THEY IMPORTANT???

All I can say is, write about your passion but not for money. Otherwise your blog is just an advertising medium. In fact blogging is not just to make money. We blog because we love to write, and we write whenever we can. I believe every blogger fight for their dream. I am not saying its going to be easy, nothing in life is easy, but there's no reason to give up your blog.  

I spend so much time focused on haters, but now I understand that they happen to break you down and build you up so you can be all that you were intended to be :) At the end, you will be so proud because this is your achievement, your effort

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  1. Sometimes in life, we tend to change ourselves for people to accept us but in the process we lost our true self which is totally not worth it. We don't live to please others. Just be yourself and eventually people will like the real you. Don't give up and all the best! :)


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