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Chocolate Passion+ Salsas @ Gurney Paragon Mall


FOOD POST STRIKES AGAIN! I am doing a lot of food post recently cause it's quit fun to explore new place and try out the new food !! I mentioned that I was invited for Paragon Mall review and one was the one I blogged for #Laicitoo Collection. But before this, we actually stumbled upon at Salsas Restaurant for lunch as well. As far as I know, Salsas is newly open in Gurney Paragon mall and their first outlet is located at Hotel Continental @ Upper Penang Road. You can see Salsas from far away as they have signature red wall and it's located at level 2.

The owner is very kind and particular in the detail for the food served. He was there explaining to us one by one and the other waiters were quite friendly. For all the set lunches are inclusive of soup or salad, main course, dessert and a glass of ice peach tea or fruit juice. I dont eat salad (I hate veges loll). So for starters I selected Mushroom Soup, creamy and flavorful. 

Seafood Platter for me ( served with :Salmon, Mussels, Scallops, Prawn). I personally think that the prawn is very fresh. 

Mixed grilled for Shelyn ( Beef, Lamb, Chicken, Fish)

I forget what was this called :o

The Over Baked Lamb Shanked are really good

And finally its time for dessert, creamy vanilla ice cream that melts in my mouth

We din't manage to finish everything cause the portion was too big for us, but i think we ALMOST finished everything lolll. We were satisfied with our Salsas brunch, coming back next time!

Salsa Restaurant, Gurney Paragon
Address: Paragon Mall, Level 2, Lot 18, Kelawai Road, 10250 Penang
BUsiness hours: 11.30am to 10pm daily
COntact: 04-2189010

After our Salsas brunch, we went to Chocolate Passion for dessert. I know right, life is not complete without dessert. Its my 9373374 times for having dessert in Chocolate Passion! I am not a fan of chocolates, but I changed my mind after I tried their first chocolate. Have I ever mentioned that I used to work in Chocolate Passion 2 years ago? Their first outlet is located at Straits Quay Penang, the ambiance and the chocolate was great, it has to be said!

The one in Straits Quay

The one in Paragon mall, is more spacious now

Chocolate Passion is the first chocolate cafe in Penang and established by Callin Tan.You must go at least once, cause there's so many Penangties share on Instagram and Chocolate Passion seems to be highly rated by these socialities. They offer variety of premium quality handmade chocolates, sandwiches,chocolate desserts and pastries, coffees and other in house beverages to kick off a new day. The environment is very warm and cozy, a recommended place for you to go for relax. 

There's different range of chocolates. 

The best seller is extremely dark chocolate truffle and also one of my favorite! Honestly the best chocolate I had in my life cause it's less sweeter. Well, dessert does make people happy, I am now so craving for it gahhhh. Fyi,the price is RM3.70-RM3.90 per 10g.

The range of chocolates which including: Lavender, Raspberry Truffle, Earl Grey, Dark & Milk Chocolate Ganache, Honey Cinnamon, Ganduja, Baileys and etc. More and more and more! 

Chocolates are handmade with pure chocolates and natural ingredients, from Belgium.

Pure hand crafted chocolates that I'll never get bored of it

The passion signature pizza (It topped with melted milk chocolates, mashmallows, dar chocolate chips, fresh bananas & almond strips that will surely made your day)

Chocolate Ice blended

Another favorite: Hot Chocolate

Like I said, I hate sweet foods/drinks. But one of best thing is, in Chocolate Passion you can always choose the hot chocolate concentration level, which means you can decide "sweet or less sweet". So awesome and I used to choose the mildy concentrated ( the lowest level). It comes with a chocolate spoon, you can use to stir your hot chocolate and it will melts in your drink. All cocoa......#dieatplanfailure

Chocolate Bomb

Icey Chilled Chocolate

Okay finally we come to the best part! They are famous for their Chocolate Bomb and Icy Chilled Chocolate. For the first one, you must pour the hot chocolate sauce on top of the bomb, the chocolate will melt and collapse and expose the ice cream inside. A very perfect combination, and I personally think that this is very creative! Not everyone can make this, so try it out yourself someday:)

For the Icy Chilled Chocolates, according to CK Ong, there's many of them requested to try Ice Chocolate Drinks! But if they add on ice inside the chocolate drink, it will taste very weird. So they came out with this! Very cute right? Girls just cant resists cute thing loll. But it's a lil bit too sweet for me.

Gift box for take away chocolates

Croissant with delicate flacky texture, buttery taste amd irrestiable aroma. Recommended to dip with chocolates.

wa wa waaaaa, chocolates lollipop, for kids?

Coffee arts, topped with an adorable cat!

I am glad that Penang have this Chocolate cafe for a new dining place other than only coffee cafes. Taking bout it, makes me miss chocolates again T.T

Chocolate Passion, Gurney Paragon
Address: Gurney Paragon Mall, Jalan Kelawai, 
10250 Pulau Tikus, Pulau Pinang Malaysia
Contact: 04-2189215

And the last station at Chez Nails @Paragon Mall at Level 7

Very Professional I can say

My set of Tiffany Blue with dream catcher on

Nails done by Chez Nails, thank you!

Chez Nails
Address: 163D-7-06 Persiaran Gurney
10250 Penang, Malaysia


  1. The Chocolate place seems amazing!

  2. owh~~~ I like to eat chocolate! must try out one day! but RM3.70-RM3.90 per 10kg?? sound too good~


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