Thursday, March 06, 2014

Hair Bleaching Experience @ Dip-dyed

Out of a sudden, I went to have my hair bleaching 2 weeks ago! I was actually inspired by Yunice, she bleached her hair into purple and this make her looks very chio. I was the one who suggested to bleach, but I can't make my damn ass decision after listening to all my friends who telling me " Bleaching, it destroys your hair". But eventually I still get over myself and I go ahead lolll. 

For hers

So after the hair bleaching experience, now finally I can be the one who give advice to you. 

Advice 1#:  It damage your hair

Certainly it does, your hair tends to get dry and tangled, but if you apply loads of lotion/serum/conditioner/good hair care products, it doesn't get ruined as much. So if you think you will regret after this, in the first place you shouldn't try! But life is too short for your worries, just go on. At least once in a life time before you die?

Advice 2#: The color still fades easily

Very naive I thought that after bleaching my hair, the color wont fade and it proves me wrong. Nothing lasts forever, even the sweetest chocolates expires. So what are you expecting? Unless you use hair color products to maintain it.

Advice 3#: Prepare for the worst

Dont expect too much, its better to feel surprised than to feel disappointed. You can't looks exactly like Lady Gaga, it doesnt look good on everyone. The outcome might turns out diffrently from the photo, if it comes out awful, then I am so sorry lolll. RIP for your hair

Advice 4#: Bleaching is the only way to get bright color tone

I've consulted a lot of hairstylist and my friends, to check out whether if there's any other way to dye bright color without bleaching? The answer is NOOOO! No pain no gain,In order to achieve your desired hair color, you will need to bleach your hair prior to any coloring.

Advice 5#: Expensive and time consuming

Bleaching is not expensive, probably costing you around RM260-400 in estimated. But..... It is expensive for those hair care products, get yourself prepared to invest your money on the best hair care products. And also you probably need 30 mins for a bath, washing your hair, apply conditioner, massage your hair scalp, comb off your knots and make it dry! @@ Very troublesome

OOTD before the bleaching

"Hey blond-ie" in progression

Dip-dyed is too mainstream in Penang now, I want to look special :"( I showed the hairstylist a photo and I wanted to bleach my whole head into pink purple. But we both were miscommunicated, he was afraid to damage my hair so he thought I agreed to go for dip-dyed. Should I say he is thoughtful enough or.....? Sigh, I wasn't happy. 

The final outcome

My first though was" Hmmm. not bad also laaa" but still l was disappointing. I insists I want to bleach whole head, pink purple.....Not purple.But since he used a good quality of pigment and the hair treatments helps to reduce my damage to the minimum level, so I am forgiving for his mistake :) I'll still go for my desired color step by step!!!I wont give 
up, I wont...... 

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  1. which salon did u go, anyhow you look good wit the color tho, so dont be disappointed


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