Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Laicitoo Collection @ Penang on 6


Last week me and Shelyn were invited to Paragon for a whole day review session. Honestly till this date I still find that being a blogger perhaps one of the best thing I've did in my life. We had lunch, shopping, high tea and nail manicure for all sponsored, I love em so muchh! But still I want to clarify, happy to be a blogger is not just main on advertorials so 肤浅 loll, I just enjoy to be a writer and happy to have secret readers like you? So today is bout a shopping that we did in Laicitoo Collection @ Penang On 6, which is located at Penang Gurney Paragon Mall, Level 6-05a.

Front view photo taken by Shelyn

Penang on 6 is a street that features 14 lots, I read from a newspaper that the decoration is aimed at evoking the feel of a turn-of-the century street bazzar. Giant Murals of heritage buildings and city scenes can be seen. So naturally Penang on 6 attracted many people to come for a photo taking session.

Spot the little cute owl, saying "HI..."

Laicitoo Collection put lot of effort in decorating their shop lot which provides a very vintage feel, with flowers, photos, cane balls, and toys. Besides it also precicnt with charming heritage feel. We both were so happy to discover those trendy apparel, lovely accessories and trinkets. Non stop snapping photos here and there, not sure Faye ( the shop owner) was annoyed or not haha!

The handmade bunnies. If i am not mistaken, a bunny right? 

Tops and dresses collection

Colorful singlets for sale, it look very neat how they roll in such a way!

Pouches collection

Faye was so friendly introducing every single piece,awww! All of these are own manufactured clothing from Laicitioo and which mean you are hardly to get them outside! They have their own designer to design for most of the clothings, so it is unique and special. For the lace top they have in two different design, one is cropped tee and another is singlet type. Looks very "LADY" and definitely not my style. And the long tank tops with retro design, the fabric quality looks very comfy!

Another rack to display all the cute handmade stuffs

So the best moment now, our shopping hours!

We both tried on this two way dress. You can either make it like this or make it an off- shoulder dress. Look at the left hand side photo! I look too feminine I could not accept it loll. So eventually I added with one of the jacket there, and at least I look normal now :) Not saying that this two way dress looks ugly, but it just looks ugly on people like me. Troublesome people. 

With Shelyn! Finally she made up her mind and she picked the long Laicitoo own manufactured maxi dress and I've picked the short one. Suitable for beach wear cause she is going to Redang next week and I am going to Koh Lipe for the following week. Very sad that we couldn't go along :'(

So there's too many of you been asking that whether we both are sisters? Yes the fake " Ooi" sisters.

A group photo with Faye, thank you for your quality times and 3 of the sponsored clothings

Laicitoo Collection @ Penang On 6, Paragon Mall

Contact: 04-2189186/ 012-5207166
 Address: Level 6.05A, Gurney Paragon Mall,
No. 1630, Persiaran Gurney, 10250 Penang.


  1. mine is scheduled on 22 March, cant wait to know where I am assigned to. xD
    feminine also nice kay, should go for this look for often!

    1. hahaha excited right :D err idk :'( looks so weird with so feminine that i dont used to it haha


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