Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Perfect Shop Accessories


Before this I rarely do online shopping, cause I was kinda worried about the items doesn't look exactly from the picture. My perception was "照片" usually is "照骗" lolll. Until I received this sponsorship from "Perfect Shop", I only realized that we can get a lot of cheap and unique stuff through online shop. Plus it's very convenient and fast delivery, the parcel will automatically send to your doorstep. 

Fyi, I love wearing accessories and I can't get rid of it.One great thing about accessories that it helps to complete the look.. Sometimes when I have nothing to wear, I''ll just simply pair my accessories with old clothes and it turns out differently.  So now I am going to introduce a new online shop for all of you @Pefect shop! They offering ladieswear, cosmetics, bags, phone cover and accessories with wide range of choices to pick. 

Spot the inspired channel 

I was so happy with all the accessories given as it is hard to get so affordable and nice quality items, love em so much! All the accessories in my photos are available in Perfect Shop and there's also more choices on their Facebook Page. Btw they are having sales right now! All the necklaces are selling in 5 for RM42, 1 for Rm8.4 and earrings are selling in 5 for RM29, 1 for RM5.8. Crazy cheappppp! Some of them are from TopShop, Forever 21 and etc. 

If you are a shopaholic, I am sure that you know the price In Topshop or Forever 21 is quite pricey. But now you can get cheaper price in Perfect shop :) Every item is on sales!! Imagine, a necklace from Forever 21 is almost rm29.90 (or more than that) and now only RM8.4 for one...... BUY!



Lastly they offer easy payment, you just have to transfer or bank in to their provided account.For more info you can go to Perfect Shop Facebook Page now. And thanks to Perfect Shop for all these pretty accessories. 


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