Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Koh Lipe, Thailand Day 1

Finally I am doing bout my Koh Lipe trip after so many weeks loll! If you're planning for a trip, I hope this is useful to you k! It was a last minute plan, we considered our-self did a great job in a short time. I am glad that I went with Yunice and ze bf as we got along so well and everyone had tons of fun. You know is difficult to pick the right person to travel. So basically I was the one who in-charged for the transportation and Yunice booked the hotel online from Agoda.com ( 3 days 2 nights)

For transportation, we took a private van from Penang to Thailand, and then we took a speed boat to Koh Lipe. Each of us only spent around RM650+ which including van, hotels, meals and 1 snorkeling, I personally think that it is quite affordable. Luckily the weather was good, there's no waves during our ride and we arrived at the island safely.

It's really freaking.... hot.

Look at the crystal clear blue water

Walked on the soft powerdy sand

It looks more like our honeymoon trip :p

We stayed at Bundhaya Deluxe Suit during our trip as their review were really good. It is a good resort in terms of rooms and position, it was an easy walk to the beach and Walking Street. And I know what are you concern about! The WIFI access is available! I know nowadays you people can die without this lolll. Overall it is a good place for you to enjoy an awesome beach holiday with your loves one, and bond. 

For the hotel rate, we went at the peak season so it was slightly expensive than usual! But reasonable lahhh, the season when travel is the most active and rates are highest. Don't expect cheap cheap thing in this season, impossible. 

Bundhaya are constructed entirely out of wood and surrounded by tropical greenery

Fully functional room and I wasn't disappointed.

Exploring the room

You can have shower in the nature, wow!

"Hello look what I've found? A leaf......" lame

First stop- Koh Lipe Beach. There's so many comfy deck chairs on the beach and mostly all the deck chairs are filled with ang moh. Asian? Hiding under the shade lolll. But I can't wait for the beach activities such as snorkeling. 


 I am getting tanned under the sun -.- I very kia zhuak

Second stop we proceed to the Walking Street.There are a dozens of bars and restaurants to refuel after a hard day of play. You can find a massage shop as there are 12 on the island, and a large selection of local shops to fullfill all of your shopping desire.

Baby was hunting for his food 

So many option for bikinis and beachwears

Signature fat lady with big boobs


Baby's grumpy face

There's actually 4 persons in this trip. The only reason I can explain why my blog only filled with me & yunice  photos, is because Bf doesn't want to take any OOTD/ selfie. He constantly whine and complained about he was hungry, all he want, FOOD!

After our lunch we just walked around for a bit more and boyfie came back to hotel for a Thai Massage. So mad syokkkk. But he was having suborn after our suntanning session! So here to remind everyone of you especially guy, don't act cool, and don't be lazy to apply any sunblock. You'll definitely end up like my boyfriend. He exposed to the sun directly and red as a lobster. Poor baby :(

A few tips for you in case you are so unlucky you get sunburn. Have a cool bath or a very gentle shower as the cool water can ease the pain, and stop your skin from becoming as irritated. Avoid using soap or any detergent because it possibly make the effect of sunburn even worst.

Kilat kilat 


We had our dinner here,there is a salty breeze blowing through my hair and we were able to enjoy the view. I have no idea why I din't snap any shot for the foods, probably I was starving!  Anyway it's very romantic. A candle light dinner for both of us can :D 

The light bulbs! LOLLL just kiddin

Heart shape for you <3 font="">

We had a fab dinner and the ambiance was good! So guys, please stay tuned for the Koh Lipe Part 2 and it is more exciting! Good night


  1. I like Thailand's 3G coverage. You can even check-in or Instagram in the middle of the jungle. Heard that we can took boat from Langkawi to Koh Lipe as well but is depend on sea condition.

    1. Hahaha isit! I should try it next time

  2. May I know rm650++ is for one day or 3 days 2 night?

    1. May I know which travel agency u go tru??it's cheap

  3. can u share your itinerary with me ? may i know you book those transport and accommodation by travel agent or other .

  4. Koh Lipe is indeed an awesome island, and a great travel destination. I went there myself in late January 2014 and I really fell in love with the island. So much so, that I decided to create a site about it - have a look at Beach Resort Koh Lipe.


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