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Miraku Food Review @ G-hotel, Gurney Penang


Happyyyyy because Miraku @ G-hotel invited me & Shelyn for a food tasting, finally get to try it today! So in this time we were in for a treat again, and without burning a hole in our pocket! Maybe I should consider to be a food blogger instead of lifestyle blogger now lolll! I am gaining a lot of weight, sad or happy?

Miraku is a fine dining restaurant designed to provide the art of Japanese dining to those who desire to experience gourmet food, and also aims to bring the best of Japanese culinary to Malaysia! :3 The main cuisine at this fine dining restaurant is Japanese food, with ala carte dishes and course menu. 

The words of "Miraku 味泉" means a great place for customers to enjoy great food

Upon entering from the main entrance, you will see their main kitchen and bar!

Private room is super spacious!

Let's take photo in between before the food served lol

Ontama Salmon Salad
RM15 (s)  RM20 (M)  RM26 (L)

As usual, salad as the starter. As usual, I still don't eat the salad loll. I hate vegetables as long as everything in GREEN color. Btw this salad looks very yummy, it comes with 4 extra dressing to choose: tomato, wafu, sesame, and mayonnaise. But the chef personally recommended the Miraku special sauce, tomato as the preferred sauce.

Namayuba Avocado Sashimi (RM14)

Namanori Tamago Yaki (RM13)

Fresh Tamago slice served with green vegetable and surprisingly I manage to finish it. I guess the texture of eggs covered the taste of the vege, so it tasted really good! 

Tofu Salad ( RM12 (S) RM14 (M) RM20 (L) )

The best part!! Sushi Moriawase “Sakura” (RM 86)

There's certain people don't eat raw, but for me this is a MUST in Japanese food! It was so goooooood! As you can see from the picture, there's tuna, octopus, prawns, seabass, fish roe, salmon roe, squid, siakap, mackeral and tamago.

Now for the Kobe Beef Steak (RM200 /100g)

One of the highly recommended dish on the list and also the most expensive one! The beef melts into my mouth the moment i took the first bite. thumbs up!

Sashimi Moriawase “Take”  (RM140) 

A selection of fresh sushi that consists slice Tuna, Salmon, Seabass, Suzuki (Siakap), Potarika, Kampachi, Hot Iga (Shiny squid) , Octopus, Red Lion, Amberjack, Scallop which is freshly imported over from Japan. Ain't kidding, very delicious!!!!! I am huge fan of Sushi, and this is especially a must-try!

Kaki Age (RM20)

Initially I thought this was soft shell crab cause it looks like :3 But in fact, this was a deep fried mixed of vegetables (**full of vegetable today, it would be better it WITHOUT vege), cuttlefish & prawns and we have to dip with the tempura sauce to enhance the taste!Yummy Max 

Miraku Kaminabe Gozen (RM64)

 Wasabi Ice Cream (RM12.50) & Uji Matcha Ice Cream (RM12.50) 

In a form of single scoop! I tried both of it and I love em especially the Wasabi Ice cream is very special, you rarely can find it outside. Execellent combination of wasabi+vanilla, and it doesnt taste spicy at all. But overall I still prefer Uji Matcha Ice cream because it taste sweet for my liking, and I hardly change my mind once I fall in love on something. 

Chef of the night!

Food taste/ quality: 9/10 (I am not a picky person )
Food price: 6/10 ( Reasonable)
Environment/ ambiance: 8/10
Service: 7/10 ( there's space for improvement) 

Miraku- G Hotel
Address: 1st Floor, G-Hotel, 168A, Pesiaran Gurney, 10250, Penang.
Business Hour: 12pm to 2:30pm Lunch, 
6pm to 10:30pm for Dinner. Daily.
Contact: 604- 229 8702

Red top: Sasa de Class
Skirt: Dovey Diary @ Paragon
Pouch: Forever 21


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