Sunday, April 27, 2014

Nano Mist Treatment with Loreal Fiberceutic @ Hairtistic


I've been dyeing my hair so frequently and my hair has gone through many transformation over the years, frequent color changes makes my hair naturally looks very unhealthy! Especially after my hair bleaching, they are so dry, and I have split ends with frizz. Hair cant be damaged very easily but it takes a little longer to repair it. I can't stand my ugly faded hair so I went to Hairtistic @ Pulau Tikus to get my hair treatment done! Oliver he was my hairstylist, I asked him to save my hair as possible as he can and I would be glad. * totally look like grass godness!

So imaging how happy I was when I was invited to try out their latest techonlogy Nano Mist Treatment. Its time to pamper my Rapunzel hair, hahaha!


At the same time I decided to dye my hair black for a healthier image, and also I can be more matching with my both BFF Yunice & Shelyn in black color. But before this, I keep on seeking opinion from my mom because I was so dilemma. I was afraid that black color doesn't look good on me, it's been 4 or 5 years without having black hair.

Oliver was cutting off my few inches Rapunzel hair :'(

Bad thing about having black hair is once you make it black, is quite difficult for you to dye a brighter hair color in the future. Oliver suggested me to choose a black blue, at least not the darkest black, and I agreed.

Kiss goodbye my pinkish hair

In process

I told Oliver I am facing hair loss problem. When hair starts falling out, it can seem like the end of the world! What if I balding before I reach fifty, must be very ironic! I can't let this happen on me. Hair loss has multiple causes including diet, damage hair, stress or your genetic. I consulted Oliver before my hair loss becomes an issue for me. He was trying his best to look for my hair problem , with the hair scanner magnifier. 

Loreal Fiberceutic

Taadah the best part, magic! Fiberceutic basically is created to give ultimate care with precision fiber reconstruction from deep inside the hair. Your hair will be restored and revived to its natural condition. And Precision Dispenser is a professional tool specially designed to apply serum onto hair with absolute care.

I hate having hair cut because I love my Rapunzel hair. Before this treatment, my hair was fragile, broken and the ends were very sensitized. Now it looks very healthy! You can witness and I will proof it to you!

Having my hair wash, the massage was good'

Nano Mist- The lastest techonlogy

To ensure the best result, Oliver was using Nano Mist in my hair treatment process. It really completely changed the texture of my hair.  Not kidding , I am not trying to brag! It is really amazing, I could feel the difference. 

Hair is one of the most delicate part of the body. especially for a girl! It is also often the first thing when the others look at you, so keeping it healthy is very essential! I thought my hair was weakened and I can't save it anymore! Thanks to Loreal has developed an ultra efficient, salon exclusive professional hair treatment. 

My hair is now full, smooth and vibrant

I am happy with the outcome and I cant stop tossing my hair now! Fiberceutic totally reconstructed even the hair fiber that has been totally damaged. It targeted on 3 hair zone, first is of course the surface(外表层), to make our look shinny. Second is the cuticle (表皮层)to strengthens the weakened hair, and the last is the cortex (皮质层) to protect our hair during a chemical service. 

Last but not least, the best thing come at the end! I am having a giveaway for my readers!!! There's 5 voucher I am giving away to you, a cash debate of RM50 on perming or rebonding. Another 2 voucher for hair cut and you can enjoy cash debate of RM8!

What you need to do is:
1. Tell me WHY you deserve this voucher in my comment box.
I will pick the most creative one :)

2. Leave your email/ Facebook/ contact so I can get back to you.

For more inquires
Tel: +04-2263155
Address: 38, Jalan Moulmein, 10350 Penang, Malaysia


  1. I deserve this voucher because my hair is super dry a fire can help to burn it up hopefully i will win this voucher to save me from burn. I am really upset with my hair but your hair looks amazing i want my hair to be nice as yours.
    Eriol Loh

  2. I deserve this voucher because i want to be pretty like you and i want to have awesome hair to have happy day everyday:)
    Please choose meXD
    Keiko Loh

  3. I deserve because I am so obessed to your hair! PLEASE PICK MEEEEE =]

  4. I deserve to have to voucher because I want something new for my mum and Im still a student doing my form 6. So , I think this voucher can make a lil surprise for me and my mum to enjoy such a lovely Mother's day in advance. I hope I can be the one x.


  5. I wish I can have one so I can try out the amazing Nano Mist which makes your hair healthy and so shinny. Hopefully I am the lucky one today to win away
    Angela Tan


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