Friday, April 18, 2014

Solarvest Turning Sunlight Into Investment @Atlantic Blue


I am not sure whether you realize that sunlight is pretty useful to us, especially nowadays you can even turn sunlight into investment through Solarvest. Speaking about Solarvest, it is basically a solar power investment company that provides the best value in Malaysia. It is recognized as Malaysia's Northern Region residential market leader in Solar PV system installation. 

In 2013, Solarvest has installed over 10% of 2000+ residential solar power projects in the country.

I really hope get to know more about it! Until me & Shelyn were invited to attend their exhibition organized by Solarvest at Penang International Sports Arena last week.

Solarvest's ambassador

Their advertising material : Booklet

Doorgift- Handmade Solarvest Sticky Candy

With high sun irraddiance all over the year, everyone know that Malaysia is one of the best places in the world for solar energy. We don't have four season such as spring, summer, autumn or winter. All we have are "sunlight" that's what the most attracting part. So investment in solar energy prolly benefits your business in the long run by offsetting your energy with income from solar electric production. 

Over 10% Market Share of
Residential Solar Projects in Malaysia

Solar Power Investment generates about 3x increase of ROI for the entire 21 years.*

High Quality Solar Panels

Employing high-performance solar cells technology that converts energy more efficiently

Excellent Track Records
Applying unique mounting method with our professional engineering team that minimises the risk of roof leaks.

Proud to be say that Solarvest has been published in the news

Solar Power Investment brings several benefits including:

1. Secure Investment
21 years of passive income with low risk.

2. Source Free
Natural power from the sun

No pollution & reduces carbon emission

4.Low Maintenance System
No moving parts that can rust or break down

5.Higher Property Value
Adds up to 3%-4% to the values of a property

6.Long Life Span
Solar Panels with 25 years life span

For more info about Solarvest, go to now


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