Thursday, May 29, 2014

H-Artistry Party 2014


Every year people talk about the most happening event which is H-Artistry. I guess this was the 4th time I was invited to join them, and every time I have fun. This year I brought along Yunice, also considered as my last farewell party before I fly off to United Kingdom. 

Surprisingly many of us who actually followed the dress code on that night. Well since the organizer set up the dress code, there must be a reason! I personally think that this is one kind of respect for us to follow. But if one of you was wearing the other colors, we just make the RED party no point for being a RED party isn't  :) 


The boyf.

As not forget to mention, H-Artistry 2014 was held in SPICE. All of the early guests were able to enjoy the free flow drinks and after this we were ushered to another session where the party begun, continue enjoy your free drinks! Wouldn't be more happier than having Yunice & Shelyn with me again! But this was the last party, I cant believe HA is over now :'(

RED means HOT! You can spot hot chicks everywhere loll.

 My Forever LOVEEEE, Yunice ily

With the gorgeous ever, Shelyn BFF hard!

Yunice, Swen & Me, Shelyn went missing!

Met DJ Brooklyn spinning the mixes for us 

 Magic Power group photo!
Hailing from Taiwan brings a fresh and new style of music through their fusion of rock, hip-hop and EDM beats. 

 It's really cool with the helmet on!

 Imma*Bleep*YouUp (IMBYU) one of Malaysia’s very own group of house music heroe

Paperplane Pursuit is well known in Malaysia for their pop-inspired beats and songs.

The happening crowd of the night


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