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Heaven Gate New Launching Menu @ Penang


Mother's day is just around the corner, so I assumed you are planning to bring your mom for an appreciation dinner loll. Then everyone probably come up with the same question "Where to eat?" Because I do, I hate to be the one who make decision.  It may look like I am having really deep thoughts but 99% of the time I am just thinking about what food I am going to eat later. 

So this time I'll introduce Heaven Gate @ Penang to y'all, one of my favorite place in Penang. Heaven Gate is a great option for mother's day dinner, as it is one of the best semi-fine dining restaurant. It comes with a good environment with music surrounding the air. Not to mention, also a perfect place to date with your boyfriend :)!

So romantic & vintage

Recently, Heaven Gate is expanding their business and came out with the latest menu for new quarter. Surprisingly the food quality wasn't disappointed me, as they just hired a new experienced chef. 

Have you noticed I was wearing a same outfit as the previous post?
Yey, running errands for 2 food reviews in a day :p

So speaking bout the food, they are now having a new recipe and I am glad that I was invited to try out their new menu items! * mouthwatering* Let's start with the soup first as usual.

Soup: We were served with 3 different soups and I personally love the Forest Mushroom Soup! Mushroom is always my first choice, especially the dumplings goes so well with the soup I love them even more. It tasted more creamy as compared to the others.

Forest Mushroom Soup

Scotch Broth

Well this was my second choice! Scotch Broth comes with chicken meat, vegetables and carrots. As you can see from the picture, it is a tomato based soup and very delicious too. 

 Seafood Chowder

Shelyn's favorite! Compared to the other soups, this was the most special one! The taste is richer, and very creamy. Idk, maybe the seafood taste is too strong for me I don't really like it. But perhaps you can have a try and you'll love it?

Salad:  For salad, it often served with a sauce or dressing. Wakame Salad comes with 3 slices of salmon and there's some sesame oil added to the salad. It looks very fresh and healthy, but still I don't like any salad lolll. 

House specialty Wakame salad 

Seafood cake 

Don't mistaken, that's not a hashbrown but a homemade seafood cake added with some olive oil. Highly recommended, the seafood cake tasted very crispy.

Caeser Salad (RM16.90)

The Caeser Salad looks more appetizing as it comes with grilled chicken breast with egg! At least, the salad doesn't looks like a salad anymore lolll. Out of the 3 salads, I guess I prefer this because it is very creative too!

Hot Peach Tea:
I find no words can describe it perfectly. You guys must give it a try on their Peach Tea

Spaghetti: Spaghetti also known as Italian Western. Chicken spaghetti is served with tomato cream sauce, I always always prefer the tomato one as it is less creamy. Besides, chicken spaghetti and Duo Tuna Panne both are sauteed with white wines. 

Chicken Spaghetti

Duo Tuna Penne 

Main course: One of the best seller dish in Heaven Gate!It is served with saute green, mashed potato which is imported from US, green tomato chutney, and herb emulsion. I love how the mashed potato tastes like, very softttt and it melts in my mouth. And I have to say the fish is really so good! It worth trying.

Baked cod fish 

Line-caught baramundi 

Line- caught Baramundi is served with saute green, Polenta cake, tomato salsa, and mustard cream sauce. The proper way to enjoy the dish is make sure you stir properly and combine everything to eat together. 

Lamb shank

To be honest, I never try the lamb shank because I think the lamb is too cute to eat them. LOLLL okay just kidding. No lah I just simply dont like the smell, but so far from the comments I received from the other blogger were positive one, so go ahead and give a try! :)

House special duo duck 

Previously Heaven Gate  introduced their Roast Duck Breast and after they made some improvement by changing the recipe. So here we go:The House Special Duo Duck. We were served with duck breast with 4 dumplings which stuffed with duck meat as well.One of the highly recommended dish!!!

Desserts:Dessert is the best time of the day! Every meal must have to end with a dessert right!

Bailey's creme brulee 

Everyone think that a girl dream is to find a perfect guy. Pfft please, nooooo. Every girls dream to eat dessert as much as they want and they won't gain any weight!! My god, how it tasted so good?

Oreo cheese cake

Accompanied our Hot Machiatto was this heavenly good Oreo Cheese Cake. Madly in love with this dessert, I swear.

 More and more cupcakes, icecream!

If there's no dessert in heaven, I am not going! HAHAHA Luckily Heaven Gate provides a lot of dessert! I definitely coming back again!

With baby Christer

One group photo!

Heaven Gate Restaurant
Address: 1A, Lebuh King, Georgetown, 10200 Penang, Malaysia
Phone: 012-477 5979
Business hours: Daily 12:00 pm - 12:00 am


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