Friday, May 16, 2014

HsinChu Garden Food & Beverages @ Perak Road


Normally all the food review I've attended were fine dining or either restaurant, but this time slightly different from the others. I am glad that we were not going to have fine dining this time, as I don't really how to appreciate fine food. I always enjoy eating at the road side or hawker stall, I know some people out there might think this is a very cheapskate thing to do as a blogger. But frankly, it just depends on how you value the food. A recipe has no soul, as long as the chef bring soul to the recipe,  definitely it comes out with great food.

So, what's so special about this time? I was invited by HsinChu Garden to try out their fish head bee hoon @ Perak Road, Penang. It located at between Hungry Fish and Post cafe, at the corner side. The most highly recommended dishes are TomYam Noodles and Fish Head Bee Hoon, not forget to mention you can also add on with different toppings which including: seafood, mushrooms, fish balls, vegetables and etc.

Buffet choice minimum from RM4.00

How do they charge?
1. Prawn- RM10
2. Crab Meat- RM15
3. Frog- RM9.90
4. Meat- RM6.50
5. Minced Pork- RM5
6. Fish Meat- Rm5

If you order extra, they charge differently again!
1. Prawn- RM1.80-RM5
2. Crab Meat- RM15-Rm20
3. Frog- RM9-RM15
4. Meat- RM1-RM3
5.Vegetables- Rm0.50-RM2.00
6. Fish Meat- RM1.20-RM3.00
7. Mushrooms- RM0.80-RM3

Different based of soups.

The Chef of the day

The pending orderssssss,as you can see from the picture their business is really good.

So skillful of em' can easily pour the soup without leaking out

I am a spicy person, Tomyam Noodles will always be my priority first choice. I've selected my favorite toppings such as minced pork, fish meat, crab-stick, Taiwan Sausage and so on. Fyi I was so impressed with the fish meat. The fish meat is one of the best fish I've ever tasted, so crispy and fresh!  As I said, even a hawker stall food can taste very delicious. You don't have to cook fancy or complicated masterpiece, just good food from fresh ingredients will do. And one thing I have to highlight, the tomyam soup tasted very good. Self satisfaction level up to 3765123.

Another Fish Head Bee Hoon

Good food just make life happier. Eat whatever you want, go ahead. But if someone tries to lecture you about your weight, eat them too lollll. Let's forget bout the on-diet matter, so you'll definitely have to try out their food! Thanks to HsinCh for having me here, I love your food. 

Hsinchu Garden Food & Beverages
Address: 380A, Jalan Perak, 11600, Georgetown, Penang. 
Business Hours: 5:00pm-12:00am. Opens Daily.
Contact Number: 604- 282 3603 / 6016-4343 493

GPS Coordinate: 5.395746, 100.314617

Service Charge &Government Tax: No


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  3. I love the food and friends call me foody I loves the pictures really yummy pictures and thanks for sharing this lovely treat with us.


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