Wednesday, June 25, 2014

World Museum in Liverpool

Finally blogging bout the World Museum in Liverpool. You can check out part 1 in HERE. Well there's a lot of museum around here so there were many futuristic things to see. We went to explore the world museum with a huge collection of natural wonders and relics.( free admission) Yey, I really love visiting museum, it was a crazy rush but I enjoyed it.

"World Museum is a large museum in England which has extensive collections covering archaeology, ethnology and the natural and physical sciences"

Having a mate to be ultra vain with me lolll

Coffee shop with free wifi access! Yey

Toy Shop & Gift Shop

5 floors to explore, can imagine how huge is this building. 
1st: Aquarium// Treasure House Theatre
2nd: Bug House//Clora Natural History Centre
3rd:Ancient World// World Culture
4th: Dinasour// Endangered Planet
5th: Space// Time// Planetarium

A beautiful but retarded starfish because they don't have brain lolll

I thought it's gonna be fun in this underwater aquarium, just as we were full of hopes, duh.... I only realized there's nothing special here accept the starfish...Soon after we moved to second floor, bug house. Yucks, the ugliest house ever with all the ugliest insects in the world. Maybe god wasn't fair to insects, all of em are DISGUSTING, UGLY, AND CREEPY.

Furry spider, Hollyshit.

Desert Locust (Grasshoppers that sometimes group together in large swarms)

The uninvited guests- Giant Leaf Cockroach. PUKE*

Besides of the ugly bug house, there's also a Clore Natural History Centre to discover the wonders of the natural world as you get your hands more than 20,000 fascinating items from their collection. This was amazing, as I saw variety types of animals which I never seen from the book.

Guess what is this? Hippopotamous

Human Skull and more

British Rodent Skulls ( rat/mouse)

Investigating like a professional scientist

Welcome to Ancient world (3rd floor)

If I am not mistaken, this is a real mummy @@ Mummy of an adult male, using non-destructive medical technique. It's creepy, I don't dare to look at the mummy cause I scare I might have nightmares tonight. What if the mummy wake up ....

Megalosaurus ( it lived about 150 millions years ago )

  1. Address: William Brown St, Liverpool, Merseyside L3 8EN, United Kingdom
  2. Hours: 10am-5pm
  3. Architectural style: Neoclassical Architecture
  4. Phone: +441514784393

In England,you can see street performance at everywhere. They sing, and they play the different instruments as well. How I wish I can live in this western country forever

His attractive standing pose

All girls were staring at him, I should wear heels next time for the purpose of standing. So that I would be taller and able to watch him better. I love his music, relax, enjoy, and listen carefully. He did really well, I mean it. See? He has a lot of "GIRL FANSSSSS". 

Walking along Liverpool street

白马王子 is here!!

And free drinks everywhere!

Four in one

Tuesday, June 24, 2014

JS Fashion Square


I have been shopping all of my life and still have nothing to wear, girls will never have enough of clothes loll. And I always bear in mind, elegance is the only beauty that never fades. So we gotta learn how to dress up and show the best side to people as one kind of respect. Agree? Yay or nay?

This time me & Shelyn were invited to have a review session with JS Fashion Sqaure'. So have you ever heard bout em'? JS is the biggest multi-label fashion brand concept store and it offers different ready-to-wear designer labels,in which every brand is characterized with young & fresh, style, chic glamour and fashion forward, so all Fashionista in town, do not miss out!

Now, I will be sharing 3 OOTD with JS's clothes on

1st look: Beach Wear

I love going to beach however not wearing appropriately might ruin a day at beach. I choose this flora dress and overall look very matchy, but that's part of what makes it work. A pretty flora dress is the focus of this outfit, and a wide brimmed hat adds style and sun protection. 

2nd look: Formal wear

Presentation or semi formal event requires some specific consideration when it comes to the way you dress, and this is how I normally dress up for my formal attire. A black tight skirt with a plain top, looks simple but elegant.

3rd: Casual Wear

Casual wear is a great everyday option for me, this enables me to put together all my comfiest pieces together, have fun dressing em up with different of accessories. I choose a sleeveless lips top and a black hot pants. Well, add on a cap do make a huge difference. Casual chic style is always trendy, remember that.

Walked home with bags! Thanks to JS Fashion Square for sponsoring us so many pieces. All their price range are really so cheap, is around RM10-RM100! So, let's shop with them!

JS Fashion Square @ Prangin Mall Penang
Official Facebook
Contact: 012-4881800
Address: 4th floor, Prangin Mall, Jalan Dr Lim Chwee Leong, 
10100 George Town, Penang. — at Prangin Mall 4th Floor.

Saturday, June 21, 2014

Learn to swim in 12 hours

Give the best shot before I start

I decided to take a photo of people doing hair flips in the pool. Not bad isn't, I 've been NG for 1276152 times behind.So normally if you go swimming, and you can't swim, and your friends are all watching you, I think a funny gag would be to pretend you were swimming lolll. No offense, but it's just my opinion. I am glad that my dad sent me to swimming lesson when I was just a little girl, because 75% of our planet is water. So swimming is really important. 

Shelyn couldn't swim. I used to encourage her to go for a swimming lesson and learn some basic skill,as I told her if somedays she is drowning I am not going to save her! HAHAHA just kiddin touchwood. Until one day she stumbled across this website (swim in 12 hours) and finally she took the challenge! :D And me, I am going along with her because we are "crime partner" as always lolll. We traveled to KL right after Hennessy event by flight.

The lesson was handled by EJ Yeap, he was also our coach of the day! He guaranteed Shelyn to swim in 12 hours. I was quite suspecting at the beginning, Shelyn she has aqua-phobia and how could she overcome her 20 years phobia within 12 hours? Possible meh..... Let's see. We met him in person at Bukit Utama 1 condominium, which he normally having lesson there. 

As you can see in the photo, the first step was warm up session ( including stretching & followed by some activity) to prevent injuries. 

And all you need in his lessons is swim suit & goggles (what!?!? No float board?) 

We started with the importance of breathing, learning every single thing we can do in the water with our nose & mouth. We tried all sorts of combination until we understand all the options underwater. He said that is the secret to curing water phobia. – Understanding how the water works 1st.

Shelyn was afraid and screaming/laughing/making fun all the way long hahaha! I told her she has to share the same spirit as the water, and it will help you move. Swimming can always keep you peace.


Mr. Yeap was explaining all the techniques regarding how we float on the water, how to balance up, how much to rotate each side, when to breathe and how to swim. While Shelyn was practicing the basic one, Coach Yeap also taught me some extra swimming technique to upgrade my skill. I always wanted to learn the free style, I was glad that I got a few foundation after 2 lessons.  I barely believe it x1, cause my bf used to teach me for a few times and I failed. I couldn't float on the surface.  

Basically what we need to check are our legs movement, body positioning, hand movement, and breathing technique. (4 essential elements to look at) Although not even the world's best coach would be capable to guarantee success, but the only thing I can say is Coach Yeap is really professional. 

Some free style basic tips:
1. Your head should lie on the water as much as possible left the mouth & nose above water
2. Keep your body straight & relax, then you’ll be light & float automatically
3. Learn to breathe right 1st before learning the strokes to prevent water going into the nose
4. Our conscious mind can only focus 1 thing at a time, so break down the practice to small steps
5. Don’t use internal strength (brute force) but fell the heavy texture of the water to control it

And the most unbelievable part, Shelyn was able to overcome her phobia in 12 hours and she can finally swim.I really can't believe it x3! I mean, is not surprising if I have another swimming skill. But for a basic learner with aqua-phobia, she was able to swim in a short time. I was impressed seriously. Aqua-phobia is one of the phobia that involves a level of fear to water, she has anxiety to getting wet or being pushed into the water. 

I was so happy that she can finally swim now! Next time you can see both of us wearing sister bikinis in the pool :} 

If you attempt to improve your swimming skill or to learn some basic skill, I strongly recommend to call up Coach Yeap. He is a nice person and professional, no worries! Thanks to him I can finally swim free style better now & have loads to things to practice at home. Let's have some crazy group photo.

You Jump, I jump.

Wearing sister polka dot Tee coincidentally again.

Personally to me WHY Swimin12?
1. They guarantee student to swim, if you still can't get it, they'll teach you UNTIL you get it for FREE!
2. The fee looks expensive up front, but with the guarantee & the passion to help you learn as fast as possible, it's cheaper than those you pay per month but drag the class so long
3. Magically, they can get the job done & still without touching their students! Ladies, My muslim friends, this is the lessons for you
4. They explain everything in detail so you’ll not just “follow instruction” but understand the Why, What & How.
5. They don’t just spoon feed you knowledge, but teach you how to think, how to understand, so when you go home & practice you’ll be able to self-improve without relying on the instructor. (Very Long Term)

Check them out now!

(available at Bandar Utama, Sri Hartamas & This July they’ll be moving to:
PJ PALMS Sports Center!! A Public Pool that has a 4-12ft Olympic size pool, 4 restaurants, 4 pubs, 2 hair saloon, a diving center & a gym)
Teaching hours: EVERYDAY 7am-10pm
Official website:
Contact: 016-3533555

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