Friday, June 06, 2014

M.A.C collaboration with Dorothy Perkins & Burton Fashion Show


2 months ago I was invited to attend M.A.C event, their very first collaboration with Dorothy Perkins & Burton in Penang. The lead artist was Ash Chong, and it was an invite -only fashion show held at Queensbay Mall. I was so excited because this event is amazing, wasn't just about a fashion show, but I also get to have a free touch up make up! 

The overview for M.A.C outlet

So what is M.A.C? I think most of the girls are familiar with all cosmetic brands especially M.A.C, they are selling products to customer worldwide. Besides, MAC provide a wide variety of products for the everyday consumer such as eye-shadow, lipsticks, lip gloss, all types of foundations, concealer, brushes and etc. 

Eye shadow rainbow colors

The M.A.C eye-shadow are extremely long lasting and sit perfectly on the eye, without smudging or fading away. If you are planning to buy a good eye shadow, M.A.C is the brand to choose as I personally try it before, brilliant product :)

Lips colors

So before the fashion show actually started, the bloggers get the opportunity to see how they apply make up on those international models. Step by step with explanation, so thoughtful of em'. 

My make up done by Senior Artist M.A.C

Check out the lovely lips color

Frankly I gained knowledge through the informal group interview with the make up artists. I always believe that there are no ugly women in the world, just a lazy ones. As long as you willing to put effort to dress up yourself, everyone looks equally pretty. M.A.C cosmetic is one of my best option, as I really love their powder blush.( my fav**) It gives a nice contrast on the cheeks when I blended it with a plum tone, totally lush. I've treid many blusher previously, but M.A.C beats them all. A little application goes a long way and last on all day! * Recommended.

Powder Blusher

With gorgeous Jolynn Choong & Shelmine

Bunch of Penang bloggers

After the make up session, we were ushered to enjoy the fashion show at the center zone of Queensbay mall! Glad that we were seated at the front row to have a clearer vision. But unfortunately to say that I don't have any photo of the fashion show, models were walking too fast. I was too dumb and fail to set my shutter speed. At the end I gave up lolll. #superfailblogger

Thank you M.A.C for the doorgift and having me here!

For more, please check out M.A.C official website at

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