Sunday, June 01, 2014

Travel to United Kingdom

I got so much to talk about my life in United Kingdom. I am here to pursue my degree at Liverpool John Moores University.  I want the certificate badly, but the living cost and school fees is so expensive that makes me dilemma. I am not a rich kid tbh,I have to spend a lot of my parents money in UK. But study in overseas is one of my dream in life, eventually I decided to go! Idk if I can make it but I am working for it. I am making it happen, with the certificate :)

So basically, we have to depart from Penang- KL, then Dubai 4 hours transit and to Manchester 7 hours on flight. It was a tiring journey. I purchased my return air ticket from Emirates, RM4270 is considered cheap as a student price ( it based on currency rate). Of course Singapore Airline/MAS are also available but comparably more expensive, and Emirates offers the shortest time and journey to Manchester.

Cover from Victoria Secret#

I slept for a very long hours on the plane! I was totally exhausted during the transit in Dubai airport. When I was awake I played with the video game, watching horror movie lolll. 7 hours on the plane, imagine. It drove me nut, my ass constantly changing position.

Flight meal! Not bad!

Finally we landed at Manchester's Airport, 13 degree celcius!

On my way to hostel

Why is Mc Donalds in green color?

Welcome to England!

After I settled down everything, getting my hostel done and I went to have a walk. I still not familiar with the new environment. I was quite afraid that I couldn't communicate with the people here! You know lahh, they speak with different accent. When people talked to me, I panicked. I blanked. "Excuse me? again please." lol lol I always do this, I need to dig a hole for myself.

My dehydrated lookkkkk!

The exchange station is so impressive!

John Pearson? Search Engine please.

We went to explore the city! A huge city. A beautiful town. We've been told that Primark is the cheapest mall to shop, as it is their local brand. Well for Malaysian its still not cheap. Our currency too low, WHYYYYY is this happening? Not to say pricey, but its not cheap as well. And for groceries and food, we bought it from nearest tesco which costed us 44 pounds (RM237) dafuqqqq. Hopefully the food can at least last for 1-2 weeks. But I am saying this with absolutely joy that we are so strong now. Is a'int easy for two girls to live alone in overseas. 

I started to miss Malaysia's blistering heat

My housemate/classmate/friend/babysitter/photographer/reminder etc etc. LOLL
So multitasking.

Branded everywhere! Money keep going out

Fresh fruits ( only 1.10 pounds)

That's all for today! More to come, I promise my upcoming post will be really exciting! So your support is needed ok! As usual, stay tuned :)


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