Monday, July 21, 2014

Visited Oxford Part 1

No idea what was I laughing at loll (mouth wide opened)

Went to the Oxford city, the highlight of the day will be the famous Harry Porter Dining Room and Radcliffe Oxford. If you plan to visit Oxford, this is a must go place! So we are now entering the Summer, but the weather is still so windy! "Summer is not summer" I can still wear long sleeve you imagine. 

I always want to see Lavenders, finally got chance to do so.

Oxford is a beautiful city in South East England which is the country town of Oxforshire, and of course it is known worldwide as the home of Oxford University, the oldest university in the English Speaking world. Pretty sure that everyone in Oxford has been there.

One of the Church in Oxford

Housing area. WHUTTT? Too cute!

I owe this road!

My favorite photographer of the day, Raymond!

Famous Radcliffe camera

Architecture Style: Palladian, English Baroque
Address: Radcliffe Square, Oxford OX1, United Kingdom
Tel: +441865277162

This is a building of Oxford University, England designed by James Gibbs in neo classical style. One of the most recognizable and often photographed building in Oxford. You can spot it from far away, as the circular dome design is very unique and most iconic sights. Must visit this as Radcliffe camera is a distinctive landmark  in Oxford. But unfortunately..... it is not open for public :'( 

Enjoy spending time with em'

Its a sunny day and it's a Sunday! I can't believe that I've been to Oxford now. Before this I was so still eager to go. FYI, I followed this tour that organized by Tong Hang with only 17 pounds! 

Fake Candid Shot!

Bridge of  Sighs, Oxford (Hertford bridge) 

A stone and glass bridge spanning across a road, joining two parts of Hertford college over New college Lane. Another impressive and distinctive design in Oxford. How romantic if love birds can take photo under the bridge :)

Castle? Prince?

Next stop. We visited the Bodleian Library, but we never enter. It costed around 5-6 pounds for the entrance fee which I personally think it doesn't worth it. Library is filled with books only, so eventually we decided to save the money and shop for some other useful souvenirs. Make sense lolll?

From Google, this is what exactly the library looks like

Bodleian Library

Architecture style: English Gothic
Address: Broad St, Oxford OX1 3BG, United Kingdom
Tel: +44 1865277162

Bodleian library is one of the oldest libraries in Europe with over 11 millions items. They provide the best service to support learning,and teaching. So like what we wish for, Oxford University is one of the dream University to go to. 

#followmeto is so mainsteam nowadays!
(Raymond & Jeff were having some gay photo xD) 

Had a walk in the city

So vintage, just good to chill in this hour.

All the baguettes are freshly baked and filled throughout the day! dayummm.

We were so exhausted after walking here and there, but we spent our day really well. Stay tune for the next post "Visited Oxford part 2",  for Harry Porter Dining Room if you are #Die hard fan! If you are not, please stay tune too :)


  1. Beautiful shots. Hope to be there at Oxford one day! Only been to Cambridge, another prime university town. :)

    1. Yey, you have to come for once in a life time :) Btw, thank you!


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