Thursday, October 30, 2014

Maione @ Original Youth Essence


My face tend to get super dry. Sensitive, dry skin, or with big pores on are the most headache part, and I also desperate want a V shape face without undergo any plastic surgery! And one thing, you need to pay a huge amount and you must have courage to go through the surgery pain. Unfortunately, I dont have any both of them lol lol. 

Therefore I recently found a skincare set from Maione. I was so happy when I received the products as I literally couldn't live without skincare!

Fyi, Maione is a miracle beauty essence produced by the most advanced technology to replace Collagen loss, stimulates skin repair and reproduction of skin cell. It is amazingly effective as it enhance your skkin to restore youth, smoothness and inhibits wrinkles,boots tissue recovery for suppleness and elasticity of skin. 

The latest packaging in black!

Now let me show you how to keep your face in good condition by using their products. So normally after my daily cleansing, I spray Maione mist onto my face from a 15cm distance like how I apply toner. And I am done. Let the mist stay on your face and no washing off needed. I don't even have to apply any moisturizer anymore, woahhh! Save money $$$$Besides,the best technology also specifically reduce unwated drain puffiness, sagging face and double chin

I use twice a day, one application in the morning and one in the night respectively for a better result. Maione uses natural ingredients and it doesn't contain any synthetic essence, alcohol, coloring or preservative, hence most of the people can be use. 

Our skin is attacked by our environment 24 hours a day such as polluted air, stressful modern urban lifestyle and no doubt we used to apply make up. ( #girlsbeinggirls) According to research it is about 175 chemical substance on our face everyday. All of these factors are causing unseen harm to our skin and loss of collagen. Hence, we always need a good skincare for our beauty.

5 Major effect of Maione
  • Smoothen Wrinkles
  • Remove dark circles and eye bags
  • Rehydrate and brighten skin
  • Reduce pigmentation and restore acne scars
  • Firming
Safe, effective, convenient, affordable and unique
  • Replace: Toner, eye cream, day cream, night cream, essence
  • Safe: Natural ingredients, tested by authorized agencies
  • Effective: Immediate and long lasting
  • Convenient: Easy to carry
  • Affordable: All in ONE
  • Unique: Market Leading new technology

Overall it does a great job of moisturizing and protecting my dry skin! It leaves my face slightly oily after I apply the Maione but it isn't a big issue. Because after the mist absorb into your face, you will feel refreshed, revived, and rejuvenated. As everyone's skin condition is different, the time it takes for Maione to be effective is different. Under normal condition, the result will be obvious after 10 minutes. The result is quite instant.

SO now I am going to show you my result! Woop! The before and after! Please swear beyond your life that you wont gonna stop reading my blog, after I show you the ugliest side of me LOLLL. Swear.....

(Photo taken at 2 months ago while I was in UK, still puffy face)

(VVVVV.....face that I ever wanted)

You know what, the effect really surprised me! Initially I thought it was my illusion, but my friends around can see the effect very obviously! Thanks goddddd.  You work out what products work on you and you decide what to purchase. You can also check out the video as Maione was featured once in Taiwanese Beauty Show, 女人我最大 on 29th April 2014 "Maione is a miracle spray that every women need. "

If you want to know more info, can click on their FACEBOOK PAGE or contact Yumi 010-5177811.

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