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Shunka Japanese Restaurant @ Burmah Road


Let's rewind a little to last week and my food review at Shunka Japanese restaurant, which is located along Burmah Road. They are now offering home style Japanese and fusion foods to everyone. Honestly I never been to Shunka and this was my first time. I haven't even started to eat the foods but I already madly in love with the atmosphere once I reached.

Not bad. eh?

Combination of bamboo and soho style for the interior design!

As for me, I think this is the best place for gathering or meet up with friends/family! Like I said, I really love the environment here which is so relaxing. Besides, I was told that quality of foods are their main concern, all the recipe they use to prepare the Japanese foods are origin from Japan! Of course, the price is also affordable as they hold on with a principle to run the business " everyone can taste it". 

Our first dish was Crispy Sushi (RM11.90).The makizushi was including Unagi,cucumber, tamago (sweetened egg ommellete) and then wrapped with the rice and seaweed. You can totally feel the crispy and crunchy in your mouth!  

Next upcoming dish was Japanese Cheese Omelet (Rm9.90). Look at how the cheesy and egg are roll together! This is one of the signature dishes that you have to try, you will definitely enjoy the savory cheesy taste with the omelette! 

Moving on with Grilled Pork Belly (Rm6.90) is very recommended for it's crispy taste. Quite tasty and you have to squeeze your lemon with it, so it could be better. 

Kimchi Steamboat (Rm15.90) was probably the dish I enjoyed the most. Not to say I am a soup lover, but the kimchi tastes really good. The combination of spicy and sour just perfect on my standard. The other ingredients which including shiitake mushrooms, enoki mushrooms, and beancurd.

I was excited when Ika Bata Yaki (Rm21.90) was served to our table because this is my fave dish as well. Not sure I want to remember how many foods were consumed, but diet plan is always on tomorrow lol. The squid was carefully grilled and slightly rubbery! This is certainly a recommended dish.

Don't get me wrong, this is not a vege! In particular this is Ishiyaki Bibimbap (Rm 16.90), it was also served along with a scorching hot stone bowl to keep the rice and dish warm.  

The most special dish at Shunka was the Omuyaki Soba (Stir Fried Japanese Buckwheat noodles Rm15.90). I was quite surprised that the omelet actually wrapped with the noodles inside, and the extra touch of Mayonnaise and sweet Tonkatsu sauce make the taste even better. 

Mmmm. I was wondering how should I describe this Japanese Salad (Rm12.90) because I dont eat vege ( if you know me LOL). As you can see, the salad consists almost everything in green color such as lettuce, cucumber, beancurd, tomato, corn, carrot strips and seaweed. Another point worth noting, normally salad only comes with one kind of dressing. But Shunka have 4 options for you : The Wasabi dressing, the Goma dressing, the Wafu dressing and the Goma Yuzu dressing. So, try it out yourself :)

It has been so long I never eat salmon as I was in UK for the last 4 months. This Salmon Sashimi (Rm9.90) was purely to satisfy and fix my craving, indeed the texture was good!

Sweet Flag Bento (Rm32.90) which comes with grilled red snapper, barbecued beef, a couple of onsen tamago, apple salad, pickled seaweed, pickles and white rice. If you have a big appetite or you plan to take away, this is always your first choice of meal :)

Not sure how many of you love to eat this, but I personally love it. Pork Sukiyaki Steamboat (Rm18.90) and the ingredients come with pork slice, mushrooms, beancurd, and vegetables. Anyway you'll have to dip with the raw egg, I guess there must be some of you still don't like it. 

The best thing comes behind, dessert time! This was all I waiting for the whole night loll, naaa just kiddin. One of the most recommended dessert in Shunka, which is Matcha Pancake (Rm18.90). It was served with their home made sweet Japanese Red Bean Paste, topping with Matcha flavored ice cream and Mochi. So lovely, it taste so good I swear! 


Spot the highlights of the day: Magic Matcha (Rm15.90) on the left and Matcha Parfait (Rm18.90) on the right. Overall the foods are Shunka are worth trying, I will be rating them in 80/100!

Shunka Japanese Restaurant
Add: 124E, Jalan Burma, 10050 George Town, Pulau Pinang
Tel: 04-2283889
Business Hour: 11.30am- 11.30pm
Website: Http://

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