Sunday, November 30, 2014

Eyelash Extension @ Nico, Penang


If you seen me lately, I bet you seen my long eyelashes! I never thought  eyelashes would ever be this important to me, until I was offered to experience Japanese technique for eyelashes extension in Nico @ Penang, so why not??? Initially I was quite satisfied with my own natural eyelashes, I don't really have any issue with it unlike some other girls. But after I tried the extension, obviously it actually make some difference on my eyes!

Some basic personal info to fill in

That's really cool! We get to choose what type of lashes individually. 
I picked " gorgeous"

Me & Shelyn went for C curl!

I have to warn you before I continue my post! There's some close up shots of my face during the process, so don't judge before you plan to leave any nasty comment LOLLL! It took me around 45 minutes to get my lashes done, I felt asleep because the bed is too comfortable with the classical music playing around. No worries, the Japanese beautician is equipped with professional skill and it doesn't hurt at all, zero pain!

She first explained how she was going to position the eyelashes

Then she cut some surgical tape put under my eyes, and the process began!

So now, let's check out the outcome!
Front view & Side view

I loved it already, it is so much convenient I don't even need to apply mascara or putting fake eyelashes! I like how it actually makes me look prettier, they are so gorgeous and I don't think  I can get used without lashes anymore! Tips* If you want your eyelashes to be lost lasting, wash your face gently and do not rub hardly on your eyes. Normally they wont fall out, even if they fall out and you still want them back, you can go for the touch up session!

For first trial the normal price is RM190, but now I am giving you a better offer! For all my readers, you can quote my name "fioneooi" during your visit and you can enjoy a RM30 debate off your total bill. Also you'll get to redeem some discount vouchers for your next visit at Nico @ Penang

For more information or make reservation:

Address: No. 2, Ground floor, Kek Chuan Road, 10400 Penang. (the pink house)
Operation Hours: 10am-7pm Daily
Contact: 012-4886395
Instagram: @nicopenang

Saturday, November 29, 2014

Things to do in Penang @ Nasmir coffee shop


It was one of those weekend I decided to drive to Bukit Mertajam and meeting up my friends. If you know me personally, I guess you know I have no sense of direction which I can even get lost in Penang Island lolll. I reached the destination after 45 mins road trip, very proud of the gps! 

I think one of the most frequently asked questions has to be things to do in Penang from overseas tourists. And the best of Malaysia's food isn't served at the fancy restaurant, but at those hawker stalls, coffee shops and etc.

Don't judge the book by its cover! Yes I had my dinner at Nasmir Nasi Kandar because I was craving for teh tarik! I love this awesome Malaysian tea, which we can't find it in other countries. 

Basically Gold Medal Manufacturing Sdn. Bdh is one of the pioneers in the supply of tea and coffee products in Malaysia. As a main supplier of drinks to local cafes and coffee shops, it is consumed end enjoyed daily by locals as part of their staple diet.

Besides of teh tarik, Gold Medal also have coffee and chocolate malted drinks. That is why our well known traditional Malay coffee is one of the best you will ever taste! Try their local Kopi'O gao or Kopi Peng from many of the coffee shops that carry Golden Medal Brads!

So it's time to feed my stomach!! 

Curry Chicken, it tasted spicy obviously!

Curry rice? Wait, this is not curry rice. Shit, what is it called? I forgot

Roti Canai

Roti Tisu is my favorite! 

It is a sweet flat-bread and it may be coated with condensed milk! When I was younger, I thought roti tisu is made by tissues lolll excuse me for being a retarded..

For more information, check out their page at 

Friday, November 28, 2014

Foodelicious Food Exhibition @ SPICE Penang


When hunger strikes in the middle of the night, I used to open and close the fridge door and being disappointed for 27362736 times! Because more often than not, there's no food inside the fridge ROAR!!!! So I found a solution now, I am going to Foodelicious food exhibition at this coming Friday and grab some snacks/fast food/dessert/beverages to remove my hunger pangs. So if you tend to get hungry late in the night just like me, is time to refill your fridge lolll

The Foodelicious food exhibition will be held at SPICE ( formerly known as Pisa) for 3 consecutive days, from 5 December to 7 December 2014. It is organised by Codex Media Sdn Bhd at a grand scale, the food exhibition serves as a commercial avenue especially for the professionals and merchants in the food and beverage (F&b) industry including F&B wholesalers, wine traders, hotels and restaurants, caterers and etc. 

Other than that, there are some ready food stalls and lunch is being served as well! 

Squido is having promotion, you can enjoy 50% off for second purchased!

Free goodies bag for every RM25 and above single purchased of Indocafe Products

5 Free 1 come with Buckwheat Seaweed Gift Box

Not bad right? So grab this golden opportunity and let's join the food arena together! If you are vendor and looking for a booth, kindly contact 04-2298617 (Limited booths left)

See you there! 
Saturday, November 15, 2014

Chinese Wedding Dinner in G hotel


Sometimes being a blogger can be a lot of fun, you get to explore to many new places or good foods! This time was a very special experience, guess what? I was invited to G-hotel and try out their Chinese wedding dinner that comes with 8 or 9 courses, I was kind of excited it seems like "wow I am getting married soon" (I always want to hahaha). 

The grand ballroom can accommodate up to 700pax

G-Hotel since opening in 2007 has been a well known venue for weddings. It handles an average of 70 wedding per year, that's really amazing.  The ballroom had been renovated and transformed to a more elegant decoration, I was totally impressed by their maroon color new carpets and the new upgraded ceiling. G-hotel ballroom now provides you a perfect venue for weddings which is modern, stylish and luxurious.

What's not to like about dinner with such beautiful table flower, completely perfect for the wedding theme

The silver table cloth and chair cushion looks more classy compare to the old dull beige!

So now, let' go to the food session!
Four Hot & Cold Combination Platter
- Mango king prawns salad
-Oyster rolls
- Baked sliced smoked duck meat
-Fresh scallop with Asparagus 
A great starter always boots up my appetite instantly, esp the love birds which caught my attention immediately! I am a picky person who very particular on food presentation, regards the first dish I was truly satisfy with their catchy decoration! 

Braised Shark Fin Soup With Four Treasures

The ingredients are including real shark fin imported from Japan, crab meat and sea cucumber. This is my favorite dish because the soup is simmered in rich flavorful broth. And they are using quality ingredients, definitely 真实材料!

Deep Fried Boneless Chicken With Stawberry Sauce

I couldn't recommend enough, the signature course is a must try dish among the Chinese set dinner menu! This is Chef Kang's secret recipe and he has won some award for this dish! I can't ever miss a good bit of Strawberry Chicken, they were great! 

Deep Fried Prawns in Dragon Beard

Crispy prawn wrap with the dragon head and mango, its good dipping in the Thai Chili Sauce! Every-time I see deep fried prawn I'll flashback bout me eating prawns in United Kingdom :(

Braised Sea Cucumber with Pacific Clams and Brocolli

Again broccoli, Shelyn's favorite! She is definitely an ideal girlfriend, why I said so? Because you save a lot of money by just feeding her brocolli in your every single date, and that's the simplest way to make her happy HAHAHAH! Back to topic, the portion is just nice to serve the guests in a table. 

Steamed Groupa in Kapitan sauce

This fish is cooked with special homemade soya sauce by the chef. *Piranha look but it was very fresh and delicious!!!! 

Fried Rice with Chestnuts in Lotus Leaf

It is cooked with chopped chicken and salted egg yolk which has been stir fried with mushrooms and other seasoning, then wrapper in a dried lotus leaf and steamed for at least 45 minutes. The rice becomes so chewy and the chicken tastes tender

Sweetned Red Bean with Glutinous Rice Ball

For those who crave for a little tang of sweetness, must try their sweetened red bean dessert. It is served with the redbean soup with black sesame in glutinous rice ball, a not to be missed in G-hotel. Mostly girls are more into this, am I right? :)

3 types of modern set dinner wedding package. 
1. 'Sensual" priced at RM988++ /table 
2. "Intimate"package at RM1188++/table 
3." Passion" at RM1388++/ table
All packages requires a minimum of 30 tables.

Besides, one of the special benefit when you have your wedding in G hotel is an exclusive complimentary stay at Owners Suite with Breakfast included!

The wedding cards come in three color for you to choose, with a wedding checklist book and guests signature book

G-Hotel Wedding Package
Address: 168A Persiaran Gurney, 10250 Penang Malaysia
Contact: 604-2380000

Friday, November 14, 2014

Afternoon Tea at @Macalister Mansion, Penang

Yay Sunday, the last day of the week! Arent they the best time for hightea? Normally that's my kind of weekend I spent with my friends and having comfort foods! Hmmm. So 3 of us went to Macalister Mansion @ Penang which they offer pastries with a wide selection of beverage, such as TWG Tea, coffees, hot chocolate and etc.

Living Room Section, a casual place to hang out

The Back Garden 

Uniqueen Lace Crop Top// Dovey Diary grey skirt// Jelly Bunny// 
Furla// Marc by Marc Jacob watch// Swarovski necklaces 

We ordered 2 set of high tea which costed us RM69.90, it s reasonably priced menu as the overall setting is great.  Asian girls love to take photo with girly looking pastries, I noticed that loll.  There's a wonderfully large selection of miniature chicken burger, scone with clotted creams+ jam and cakes ( Chocolate truffle), fattening but I finished everything you can see on the table. 

Now do excuse me, I need to have some foods now!

My favorite TWG tea is Silver Moon, it's a personal favorite of mine. I was truly satisfy with their afternoon tea set, who wants to keep having to ask for more? Besides the friendly atmosphere here is very relaxing, perfect to go for a date or gathering! I could definitely spent hours in this place and continue blogging, it's such a beautiful place. 

Macalister Mansion
Address: 228 Macalister Road, 10400 Georgetown, Penang Malaysia
Contact: 04-2283888
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