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Chinese Wedding Dinner in G hotel


Sometimes being a blogger can be a lot of fun, you get to explore to many new places or good foods! This time was a very special experience, guess what? I was invited to G-hotel and try out their Chinese wedding dinner that comes with 8 or 9 courses, I was kind of excited it seems like "wow I am getting married soon" (I always want to hahaha). 

The grand ballroom can accommodate up to 700pax

G-Hotel since opening in 2007 has been a well known venue for weddings. It handles an average of 70 wedding per year, that's really amazing.  The ballroom had been renovated and transformed to a more elegant decoration, I was totally impressed by their maroon color new carpets and the new upgraded ceiling. G-hotel ballroom now provides you a perfect venue for weddings which is modern, stylish and luxurious.

What's not to like about dinner with such beautiful table flower, completely perfect for the wedding theme

The silver table cloth and chair cushion looks more classy compare to the old dull beige!

So now, let' go to the food session!
Four Hot & Cold Combination Platter
- Mango king prawns salad
-Oyster rolls
- Baked sliced smoked duck meat
-Fresh scallop with Asparagus 
A great starter always boots up my appetite instantly, esp the love birds which caught my attention immediately! I am a picky person who very particular on food presentation, regards the first dish I was truly satisfy with their catchy decoration! 

Braised Shark Fin Soup With Four Treasures

The ingredients are including real shark fin imported from Japan, crab meat and sea cucumber. This is my favorite dish because the soup is simmered in rich flavorful broth. And they are using quality ingredients, definitely 真实材料!

Deep Fried Boneless Chicken With Stawberry Sauce

I couldn't recommend enough, the signature course is a must try dish among the Chinese set dinner menu! This is Chef Kang's secret recipe and he has won some award for this dish! I can't ever miss a good bit of Strawberry Chicken, they were great! 

Deep Fried Prawns in Dragon Beard

Crispy prawn wrap with the dragon head and mango, its good dipping in the Thai Chili Sauce! Every-time I see deep fried prawn I'll flashback bout me eating prawns in United Kingdom :(

Braised Sea Cucumber with Pacific Clams and Brocolli

Again broccoli, Shelyn's favorite! She is definitely an ideal girlfriend, why I said so? Because you save a lot of money by just feeding her brocolli in your every single date, and that's the simplest way to make her happy HAHAHAH! Back to topic, the portion is just nice to serve the guests in a table. 

Steamed Groupa in Kapitan sauce

This fish is cooked with special homemade soya sauce by the chef. *Piranha look but it was very fresh and delicious!!!! 

Fried Rice with Chestnuts in Lotus Leaf

It is cooked with chopped chicken and salted egg yolk which has been stir fried with mushrooms and other seasoning, then wrapper in a dried lotus leaf and steamed for at least 45 minutes. The rice becomes so chewy and the chicken tastes tender

Sweetned Red Bean with Glutinous Rice Ball

For those who crave for a little tang of sweetness, must try their sweetened red bean dessert. It is served with the redbean soup with black sesame in glutinous rice ball, a not to be missed in G-hotel. Mostly girls are more into this, am I right? :)

3 types of modern set dinner wedding package. 
1. 'Sensual" priced at RM988++ /table 
2. "Intimate"package at RM1188++/table 
3." Passion" at RM1388++/ table
All packages requires a minimum of 30 tables.

Besides, one of the special benefit when you have your wedding in G hotel is an exclusive complimentary stay at Owners Suite with Breakfast included!

The wedding cards come in three color for you to choose, with a wedding checklist book and guests signature book

G-Hotel Wedding Package
Address: 168A Persiaran Gurney, 10250 Penang Malaysia
Contact: 604-2380000

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  1. Wow, I loved this Chinese wedding dinner!! This is just mouthwatering. My friend just got married at a best New York city party venue and she had arranged Thai and Chinese food. The food was so yummy and dishes were quite unique.


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