Tuesday, December 02, 2014

Tao Authentic Asian Cuisine @ Penang Time Square


Been craving for buffets ever since last week. So the other day while I was out with Megumi and Amber, they suggested having buffet for dinner at Tao @ Penang, knowing how much I love buffet!! The word " buffet" is just super tempting! 

So basically Tao Authentic Asian Cuisine is a restaurant that serves ALL YOU CAN EAT buffet with specialties ranging from Korean, Japanese, Thai, Chinese and other foreign foods, almost everything you can think of *drolls! 

The unique part about dining in Tao is, its private cubicles which are spacious, so you probably wont get as much of those awkward stares from people while you selfie!

Kindly refer to the menu when you place your order 

There's also choices of kimchi soup, chicken soup and quite a few more! So appetitzing

Motoyaki Scallop

I always love scallops because they are easy to eat as compared to crabs, esp the baked scallops with spicy mayo tasted so good! I'd rather you buy me food than anything else in the world, I took at least 5 or 6 scallops for myself LOL!

Crabmeat Cream Cheese

Deep fried popiah skin wrapped with stuffed crabmeat and cream cheese! I think it goes super well with the cheese, totally can imagine the taste of it in my mouth now! 

Sake Hamaguri

I don't really understand the name but I am pretty sure I loved the dish so much! It is stir fried clam with Japanese wine, in Chinese we used to call it " lala", correct me if I am wrong. 

 Oden (黑轮)

We also had some fish cakes. But I found this a tad too salty for my liking! Maybe I am not a big fan of this! 

Ginko Korrokke 

I quite love the next dish which was deep fried yam with Ginko and sweet potato.

Soft Shell Crab Karaggae

I was actually most excited for this soft shell crab, because again I really love eating seafoods! It is cooked with assorted vegetables and I can still taste the natural sweetness of the crab!

Ebi Fry

The ebi fry was one of my favorites for the night too! Oh and I peeled the shrimp shell with my both hands, not sure if there's anyone looking but I pretty much ignored them! So what... Iol. 

Salmon Fish

The Salmon fish was rather impressing as the salmon pieces were fresh and well cooked! Soooo delicious!! 

 Sashimi & Sushi

Next on the list is sushi, I bet sushi lovers would love this section as it had fresh cuts of assorted raw fish, such as salmon and tuna! I ate a lot of salmons even though i was super stuffed already, so damn yummehhh I cant stop eating.

Tori Teriyaki

The best thing of Tao is that you just have to sit there and wait them to serve you. You pick whatever you want from the menu, and the chef would cook them perfectly and send  it to your table. Just like the panfried chicken with Teriyaki sauce tasted so good, it's chewy and juicy! 

I guess many of us have overestimated our appetites, we used to waste a lot of food in buffet or we normally end up forcing ourselves to finish all the foods on the table! Either way, this is not a right way to eat buffet! Learn how to eat smart, plan your meal and make the best choice. Tips* Order section by section, or course by course, don't just go up and grab the food blindly! Yey!


It's my dessert time! Dipping the marshmallow with chocolates is the happiest thing to do heheh! I've ate so much and it's more than satisfying! For the price I personally think it is reasonable and honestly it is way cheaper than the other restaurant I've dined before! 

A photo of me!
Checkered Crop Top from Top Shop
Skirt from Cotton On
Accessories from United Kingdom
Michael Kors's bag

TAO @ Penang Time Square
Address: Penang Time Square, Jalan Dato Keramat, 10150 Penang, Malaysia
Contact: 604-2285826
Price: RM48++ ( lunch for weekdays)
RM62++ ( lunch for weekends)
RM62++ ( Dinner daily)

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