Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Muar Yuen Cheng Siang Bak Kua


Chinese New Year is just a few weeks away, have you bought your Meat Jerky yet? Meat Jerky also known as Bak Kua, it is a sweet-salty dried meat that we will never miss in Chinese New Year. CNY will never be the same without Bak Kua and Pineapple tarts loll. 

Guess what just arrived at my doorsteps? I wonder what are these cute boxes? - Bak Kua from Muar Yuen Cheng Siang whoa! MYCS is a trusted household brand name in the production of healthier barbecued meat and meat floss. Their original recipe yield on using only the finest, freshest and natural ingredients to produce great flavors, so they provide the best taste and quality products!

Hence, it make ideal as festive gift or for self consumption

All the Bak Kua are purely handmade and seasoned with natural spices.It is high in nutritional value, low cholesterol and no trans fat! I tried them this morning and I love them, they taste really good .Besides, they constantly develop new flavors such as Penang White Curry are the latest one!

The packaging is too cute, childhood memories are coming back right?

Bak Kua is a must in CNY and it becoming a highly in demand gift. It's even madness in Malaysia where the queue can be more than 1 hour. But now, you can easily make your order through Yuen Cheng Siang's official website at You can even enjoy free delivery when you purchase 80.00 MYR a nd above else they will charge you only 6.00 MYR

For more information, check out their Facebook

Happy Chinese New Year in advance!

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