Thursday, January 22, 2015

New Year Resolution: 12 life goals

After reading everyone's new year resolution, I was inspired to come out with my own lists. New year is a chance to start over, and new year resolution is a promise that I make to myself to become a better person. Remember,you are the only person who able to break your old habits and adapt to new. No matter what's happen in the past, its time to leave the past behind, move on and getting a new life goal. The best is yet to come, so never look back. 

Here are 12 things I must do in 2015 and live this year to the fullest. 

1. Leave the country and work overseas.
This is my biggest dream to work aboard. Take a small step to a bigger chance, so career must always come first, I must work hard this year to attain my goal.

2. Travel ( Back to UK)
When I say I miss England, I am not only saying I miss the city. In fact I miss everything there, the British accents, Afternoon tea, chocolates, the weather, Poundland, the clubs and etc etc. I must go back to LIVERPOOL no matter what.

3. Keep blogging
The most important thing is love what you do. I love writing, and I will always do. But I am guilty for being lazy to blog, so this year I must cut down unnecessary activity and spend more time on blog. 

4. 889 Papazou video
The very first time I came out with my idea, and make my dream come true! Despite the video is not ready to release yet, but I will put effort to make it the best as I could. There is always room for us to improve

5. Live without regrets, learn guitar
Music always put me in a better mood but I couldn't play any music instrument. Perhaps I can take a guitar course this year, hopefully I am not too old for this lol. 

6. Meet new people and be socialize.
Stop caring about what people think of me, cause I am not really good in bringing up a conversation. So from now onwards, just SAY HI! Hello! Ni hao and whatever.

7. Be happy, Be positive.
Life is short and no one can afford to waste it. Its our choice to be happy, so give up those people who are trying to bring you down.

8. Exercise and work out
That's not an easy thing. I want abs and I don't want to exercise hahaha.

9. READ more
Naaa I realize I have to read more so I am able to polish my English. Otherwise haters going to send me "love letter" again regards " Your English sucks" whoa 

10. Self Pamper time
At least one hair treatment+ one facial in every month. Inner and outer beauty are important.

11. Maintain those friendship I've invested for years
Love the people who are really matters to me, my girlsssss.

12. Put family first
Besides my girls, spend more time with my families esp grandparents!

Anyway It's my choice, its my life. Stop telling me what i need to do. Happy Chinese New Year in advance :)


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