Friday, January 16, 2015

Shelyn's birthday bash

One thing to maintain our blog is to keep updated. And now obviously I am attempting to blog a 2014 post on 2015 #biggestfailure. So today is about Shely's birthday bash which happened 3 months ago lollllll.

Everyone loves being the center of attention, which explains why people love birthdays. And planning a birthday surprise is ain't easy, from picking the place to go to who will be invited to the party. On top of all the planning, you still need to find something to wear. So this year we decided to decorate the venue with helium balloons to make her feel like a " princess of the night" 

Nothing much to talk bout because we partied. But happy birthday bae. No matter what I''ve done, you will always have my back. Everyone thought that we both are twin sisters, we used to finish each other sentences on the regular and seem to know what the other is thinking. After all, nobody knows me better. You're the best gift the god have sent you to me, love you!

So, speaking about the birthday girl, she has been celebrating her birthday for an entire week, from birth-day turn into birth-week, so I bet she had a memorable 20th birthday hahaha. 

A kiss for the birthday girl again
Can we just stop kissing?

With LMF. 

It was great catching up with the girls! 


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