Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Elmural Cafe @ Penang


It seems every friends date have something to do with food or coffee, so this time I decided to catch up with my girls in Elmural Cafe! Fyi, it is a new cafe in town which can be found at Lebuh Cintra @ Penang. Besides, Elmural features quite a few mural paints which are very fascinating! 

You will often find crowds of people waiting to take photos with the Penang Street Art ever since it became so popular, so allow me to suggest you lol. Why not you spend your time in this cafe with delicious foods, and still you can take photo with mural paints! Cool? 

Cream Apple Juice ( RM6.50)
It looks like a beer, yay I noticed that!

Mushroom Soup (Rm7.90)

I love the mushroom soup, rich and creamy but it will be much better if they could have served us an extra slice of garlic toast.

Leftover Pork Salad ( RM10)

Nawww don't get me wrong, definitely it's not something that " leftover" lol. The freshly roasted pork tasted very good with the combination of Japanese sesame dressing, added on with tomato and mushrooms! 

Pork Steak in Hot Chipotle Sauce (RM27)

 Lamb Chop (RM22.70)

This was actually one of the best dishes on that night, I know not everyone of you love eating lamb chop but....the lamb was very well marinated and it comes with french fries and vegetable. Other than that, I personally think that the portion was too big for me, and I ended up wasting all the foods #karma 

Pork Ribs charred with Maltose Glazing ( Rm32.90)

Oops not forget to mention, Elmural's specialties are ribs and you shouldn't missed out!

One scoop for RM7.80

Favorite ice cream flavor? Chocolate, always! Besides they have Green Tea, Oreo Cookies, Teh Tarik, Yogurt and Chocolate Chili ice cream for your option! Super rich in flavor, they're all so good!Desserts never fails to wow and pamper the guests.
Calamansi Sorbet With Darjeeling Tea (Rm10.50)

So far I haven't seen this in other cafe! Not surprising though, it contain calamansi (lime juice) would have liked it a little more sour, but it is very refreshing!

Elmural Cafe
Address: 83, Cintra Street, 10100 Georgetown, Penang
Contact: 604-2620933

Albert Dock @ Liverpool

These pictures were taken while I was in United Kingdom. I bought lots of cheeky outfit cause I felt it was okay to spent a little money on new pieces lol. That being said, it's not often you'll see me in this kind of boyish outfit here on the blog, I used to be more feminine in Malaysia. But I am sick of being so "lady" all the time. So I decided to go with this! Besides, casual and denim are something that never go out of style. 

I love stunning colors in sneaker- PUMA

One thing good in United Kingdom, I can always wear leather jacket with boots/sneakers which we cant make it in Malaysia due to the hot weather. I was so inspired to dress up in a different way. Wish I could go back again, I cant' wait! 

Ahhh one of my favorite Liverpool gems @ Albert Dock. This place is nearly always quiet, being a tourist can be a lot of fun. I was sitting there to enjoy the sunset, a wonderful way to spent an evening. That's was so unforgettable memories. 

Enjoy the beauty of a sunset!

"The Albert Dock is a complex of dock buildings and warehouse in Liverpool, England. It is one of the top heritage attraction, as it is home to award winning visitor attraction including the Beatless Story, International Slavery Musuem, Merseyside Maritime Musuem, and Tate Liverpool. Besides, there is a vast choice of stylish family friendly cafes, bars and restaurant."

The sky was turning dark!

 Yet you can still see the reflection in the lake!

I have thought of going back again! These places are the best overall combination of safety from crime, and peace and quiet. I love England! 
Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Cuppa & Cuppa @ G- Hotel


What's the point of making money if you never take time to enjoy your life? I think is great to hightea with friends during leisure time, human are not meant to spend all their time only in office, am I right? lolll so I am going to intro you a "Cuppa & Cuppa" promotion in G hotel. They are now offering freshly brewed coffee or a refreshing hot tea completed with cupcakes at only RM35!! Sooo reasonable OMGG!

Those delicious mouthwatering cupcakes that are pretty much worth dying for!! Chef Tan Kwee Lian from G Hotel, he even won an award for his baking fruit flavored cupcakes with harmonized with both coffee and tea! Fyi, there are four flavors of cupcakes to choose from Apricot,Prune, Orange and Apple. And I personally loved the orange flavor, the sweetness is just fine for me.

Choice of tea selection!

Besides, I was spoiled with choice of tea selection which are English Breakfast, Earl Grey, Camomile Jasmine, Green leaves and Mint & Fresh, what a relaxing afternoon break! Fyi, tea can provide us with certain health benefit and it might be the more sensible afternoon drink for you* ps: from my point of view

For coffeeholic who demand for a stronger flavor in coffee can opt for "Coffee toffee", a selected brewed coffee or a glass of cold coffee infused with caramel sauce and topped with chopped chocolate toffee bits. It only cost you around RM15++, while you can have a nice coffee with good environment. I honestly get more excited about coffee than alcohol tsk tskk*

So quickly gather your friends and family at G lounge now and make your appointment with them! :)

G Hotel:

Address: 168A Persiaran Gurney, 10250 Penang, Malaysia
Tel: 6042380000

Tuesday, February 10, 2015

CNY Chinese Concert


新年做善事绝对是一件很有意义的事,老套的说一句,帮组有需要的人自己也会更快乐。近日槟城一场 《玮力新春献爱心·慈善演唱会》目前为止已成功筹募 2 万令吉, 协助东海岸的灾黎重建家园。 主办单位相信,陆续还会收到更多义款。 

玮力产业集团执行董事兼玮力慈善机构主席拿督黄振裕表示,他们当初的筹款目标 只是 1 万 5000 令吉。 他们在这至上万分感谢各界热心人士踊跃捐献,超越了他们预定的目标。因此决定把 筹款目标提高至 2 万 5000 令吉,并且相信一定会达到。” 他于周五出席新闻发布会上,如是表示。 由玮力产业集团主办的《玮力新春献爱心·慈善演唱会》,将于 2 月 22 日、晚上 8 时,在槟岛时代广场盛大引爆。同时获得了槟城报界俱乐部和槟州中文报记者和 摄影记者协会的鼎力支持,星报为媒体伙伴。

 拿督黄振裕指出,公众对于换取免费演唱会入门票的反应非常热烈,特别是在广告 出街后。演唱会嘉宾有 988 DJ Luke 阿陆、Worldwide Platinum Records 旗下艺人 Michelle 和 Sammy Dee ( Cash Band ) 、 Ovaload 乐 团 成 员 Oba Hyacienth 、 Tino Koufogiannakis 和 Karelle Remillard、 Satrina 以及古孟杰。特别是阿 Luke 带着贺岁专辑《FEAT-TING ROOM》和众艺人向大家拜年, Worldwide Platinum Records 的艺人 Mickey、Satrina、Michelle 和古孟杰也有参与这 张专辑。 大会也邀请了“2008 年 Astro 经典名曲”亚军黄德宝和槟岛时代广场著名司仪 Corrylincoln 担任演唱会司仪。

Ticket redemption:


Lastly, Happy Chinese New Year! 

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