Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Elmural Cafe @ Penang


It seems every friends date have something to do with food or coffee, so this time I decided to catch up with my girls in Elmural Cafe! Fyi, it is a new cafe in town which can be found at Lebuh Cintra @ Penang. Besides, Elmural features quite a few mural paints which are very fascinating! 

You will often find crowds of people waiting to take photos with the Penang Street Art ever since it became so popular, so allow me to suggest you lol. Why not you spend your time in this cafe with delicious foods, and still you can take photo with mural paints! Cool? 

Cream Apple Juice ( RM6.50)
It looks like a beer, yay I noticed that!

Mushroom Soup (Rm7.90)

I love the mushroom soup, rich and creamy but it will be much better if they could have served us an extra slice of garlic toast.

Leftover Pork Salad ( RM10)

Nawww don't get me wrong, definitely it's not something that " leftover" lol. The freshly roasted pork tasted very good with the combination of Japanese sesame dressing, added on with tomato and mushrooms! 

Pork Steak in Hot Chipotle Sauce (RM27)

 Lamb Chop (RM22.70)

This was actually one of the best dishes on that night, I know not everyone of you love eating lamb chop but....the lamb was very well marinated and it comes with french fries and vegetable. Other than that, I personally think that the portion was too big for me, and I ended up wasting all the foods #karma 

Pork Ribs charred with Maltose Glazing ( Rm32.90)

Oops not forget to mention, Elmural's specialties are ribs and you shouldn't missed out!

One scoop for RM7.80

Favorite ice cream flavor? Chocolate, always! Besides they have Green Tea, Oreo Cookies, Teh Tarik, Yogurt and Chocolate Chili ice cream for your option! Super rich in flavor, they're all so good!Desserts never fails to wow and pamper the guests.
Calamansi Sorbet With Darjeeling Tea (Rm10.50)

So far I haven't seen this in other cafe! Not surprising though, it contain calamansi (lime juice) would have liked it a little more sour, but it is very refreshing!

Elmural Cafe
Address: 83, Cintra Street, 10100 Georgetown, Penang
Contact: 604-2620933

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  1. Food looks good! Gonna try them out soon. Tks for the recommendation.


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