Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Hotel Jen Penang, New Menu at Islander


I've made a trip to Italy last year, and I was totally particularly inspired by Italian food. I thought I would never have it again,cause it seems like a million year ago I was in Italy,time go by so quickly. Until I went to Hotel Jen and I tried their unveils new menu at Islander, slurppp its traditional Italian food!!! 

The recipes are followed meticulously to recreate the simple yet delicious, wholesome dishes that propelled The Islander's popularity in Penang. 


My favorite dish among all, cause I'd never eaten anything like this before. Look at those red cherry and fresh tomatoes, I' can't resist! In Italian word, bruschetta means gathering. We can have the crispy and lightly charred rye bread as quick snack before we start having good dinner! And the bread are topped with olive oil+ sprinkling of basil and cracked pepper, it tastes soooo nice!!!

Arugula Salad

Ho Ho Ho. Salad, something I hate and I'll always hate in my entire life. I swear, this time I've tried a bite and still yucks, I hate green vegetable! It comes with honey sesame dressing which gives the salad a sweet and vinegary taste. Maybe I have tongue problem, I am not a fan of salad that tastes like it comes from a tree, lolll.

Grilled Burger with Vegetarian Patty

There is nothing we love more than a sloppy burger! But my first thought came into mind, burger= fattening with all the fries on it. For those who are concerned, this burger is actually low fat, less calories and healthy. It is seasoned with special seasoning and the burger made from couscous and potatoes. 

× hehehe ×

Pan fried stuff Aubergine

This looks so incredibly yummy, isn't? Not a soup. It is a stunning dish full of different flavors. It comes with cheese and Provancal herbs, and the chef baked it slowly in an oven, and served with smoked tomato sauce! JENG AHHHHHH. 

Lamb Osso Buco

Best served with Polenta but The Islander's chef served it with homemade creamy Mashed Potato. Perfect combo when it braised with vegetables+ balsamic vinegar+ broth!!! Lambo chop lovers would not want to miss it!

Chicken Rosmarino

Mostly Italian food comprise a few simple ingredients only because Italians used to believe on simplicity. I would not forget how the spring chicken tastes with balsamic pepper jus, it is so perfect as marinade for a chicken dish. Mouthwatering even I am just staring on the picture*** 

P:S/ chicken and balsamic vinegar is the perfect combination because the vinegar flavors suit the method in making sauce

Baked Trapia-sustainably Sourced FIsh

I am a massive fan of fish and this photo has me craving it! This is a must eat. The dish is basically served with fresh herbs, tomato coulis, olives and capers. All above ingredients goes perfectly with chosen local farmed fish. One thing I love bout Italian food, they serve a lot of tomatoes as you can see from the picture. P/s: Almost every dishes come with tomato, yummehhh! 

Tiramisu Pancake

Never too late for a dessert to fit into my stomach heh. Not bad, eh? The most famous Italian dessert they are serving with sponge pancake, espresso, mascarpone, egg and cream with a twist of espresso butterscotch sauce. I cant even remember how much calories I've consumed, but its fine. Bye I cant stop eating thissss.

Jen's signature 

Other than that, this was the last dessert. What make this mud pie so special as compare to the traditional one, mud pie usually made with cake. But for Jen's region, the chef is so creative and he made it with ice cream, chcolate and caramel sauce Honestly, for me it is too swet for my liking, cause I am abit of fussy and I dislike sweet things. 

Thank you again, Hotel Jen for the fanstastic dinner, I loved your food

Hotel Jen @ Penang
Address: Magazine Road, Georgetown, 10300 Penang
Contact: 04-2622622

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