Tuesday, April 07, 2015

NARS Malaysia @ Gurney Plaza, Penang

I never thought of having any plastic surgery because I no longer believe that world class cosmetic surgery is a luxury. Beauty, its all about your inner and outer beauty! For inner beauty, it has to depend on your personality, be kind. For outer beauty, you can always use cosmetic to enhance your look. Yey being a girl is tough, we need hella a lot of skincare, cosmetic, bla bla bla to apply on our face,so we could look gorgeous lolll. 

So I am now using "NARS" cosmetic set, yeah all of it, NARS's foundation, blushers, concealer and lip gloss for my daily make up routine. I really question myself if all this is really worth it, lolll. 

And what, Nars All Day Luminous Weightless Foundation is my favorite all the time. It creates instant polished perfection with full coverage in a single, weightless drop. This product is very new in the market, to be honest initially I don't believe how good the foundation is, I was like : " all the foundations are the same lahhh". Until I tried it on my own, it is unexpectedly weightless and feeling light as air. Besides, it is totally oil free and I can really see how the foundation has improved my skin appearance! SOOOOO AMAZINGGG!

Foundation: RM171

The bottle packaging is very elegant, specially designed to feature an advanced pump that dispenses the exact amount of product needed to perfect the entire face. Unlike the other foundation, for NARS you just have to apply small amount for your natural looking coverage! 

P.s: which means you can use very long, now everything come with GST! NARS help you to save some $$$$ lolll.  

Soft Velvet Loose Powder: RM138

After applying foundation, so loose powder is the next! It controls oil and smooths the texture of the skin with a soft focus finish. I love the loose powder as it cover all my pores and keeps skin looking naturally polished in every source of light. Powder is an essential thing for girls, 饭后补妆,约会前补妆!

1. Can be used alone or after your foundation. 
2. Dip the brush in the powder
3. Tapping off excess powder
4.Blend into your face

NARS Spring 2015 Color Collection

Left to right:
1. Yeux Irresistible Eyeshadow Palette RM190
It excite new depth for endless eye looks.  

2. Valhalla Single Eyeshadow, RM93
Soft shimmering pink peach

3. Reckless Brush, RM121
Sheer pink shimmer

4. Porto Venere Eye Paint, RM96
Soft Pale Pink

Liguria lipstick and Vent sale lip gloss

And the last step, my lips are undergone in tan pigments topped with a whisper of opalescent gloss. It's look very natural on me, which I can use it on daily! Besides the lipstick come with nude caramel, it help to enhance my lips color so I won't look that pale, like a dead fishhh*

Before I end, let's have a recap bout NARS's cosmetic product. DISCLAIMER: Not because of this is an advertorial and I am doing my job or hard-selling their product. I just do a little sharing on my experience with NARS, believe or not it has to base on your own perspective. From my point of view as a girl ( even thought I might be not acting girlish), NARS's product never fail to give me surprise! They fulfill in terms of quantity and also quality! 

Liguria Lipstick, RM91

NARS All Day Luminous Weightless Foundation, RM171

Nail colors

And because of the makeup artists were very friendly to assist me, the professional service I experienced in NARS and the beautiful result they produced, I was totally in love with NARS!!!

How thoughtful of em, even jot down my make up series number

Group photo with Penang's bloggers

Location: Watson Beauty & Healthcare

Address: Gurney Plaza, 170-b1-19, Persiaran Gurney, 10250 Georgetown


  1. Are you using the lipstick in your photo? It looks quite different from the tube =/

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    1. Nope. The lipstick on the first photo, I applied it on the event which is other color :)
      The one they gave me, are nude color!

  2. How about the price for sheerglow foundation? is it cheaper than weightless luminous?

  3. Is this shop still in gurney mall?


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