Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Zest Bar Cafe @ Glow Hotel Penang


Hello can you believe its going to be June in 3 days more? My favorite month which I can celebrate my birthday and Father's day in one shot lolll. So anyway I've discovered a new hidden cafe in Hotel Glow @ Penang. There's a lot of coffee shops around but I love having lunch in hotel as there's private car park for guests, apparently I am a fast easy person :C

This is the lobby, so comfortableeeeeee.

The best shot I've gotten so far.

Its a moment of real pleasure when the girls came along with me 

A little background about Glow Hotel:
Glow by Zinc is a hotel that provide comfortable environment for modern travelers at a value price point. Glow Hotel offers stylish and smartly functional rooms, most importantly they are furnished with air conditioning,Wi-Fi internet access, and a 32 inch LCD Satellite TV. 

Zest Bar Cafe?
A contemporary cafe serving a selection of delectable Thai fusion dishes. For those who seeking pleasure with food and refreshing drinks, here you should go.

So let's take a tour
Zest Bar Cafe
(seats up to 100pax)

I love how those arts add so much vibrance to the hotel, not like the usual boring banquet space that I used to go.

Lobby Common Area

Pool Bar, where you can enjoy cocktails, frappes and ice blended drinks

The pool at the first floor, this place is insanely relaxing

The marketing manager Dexter gave us a quick tour around the hotel to show us their facilities. I love hotel like this because they feel a lot more personal and cosy, great for relaxing vacation with friends and family.

We took a whole bunch of photos at the bar while waiting for food.

She is always a baby girl to me, Rui Wen

And my dearest, Eliza!

With my girls, they're beyond adorable!

Okay I hope you're not hungry. I am moving on to food now hahaha. The food selection here is enormous #nomnom. I am totally a fan of Thai food, their set lunch was really great. Totally filled my tummy and satisfied my taste buds. 

Tom Yam Goong RM19
(Fresh Prawn in Spicy Tom Yam Soup)

We were first introduced to their signature dish, Tom Yam Goong. The tomyam soup is no joke spicy, my fav all the time. 

Yam Moon Sen RM13
(Glass noodle salad with prawn, ginger flower, and lime leaf)

The glass noodle salad wasn't really my thing though, but it is healthy so I've ordered for my girls. HAHAHAHA. How thoughtful am I? #BFFNO1. The glass noodle were quite springy but not greasy. 

Pad Kra Prao RM19
(Sauteed spicy minced chicken or beef with Thai Kra Prao leaf)

You're free to choose chicken or beef, but I opted for the usual Pad Kra Prao that comes with minced chicken. The chicken were so soft and tender, you can really taste it when you bite into each mouth, it was simply delicious!!

Kaeng Phet RM19
(Spicy red curry & vegetables, choice of prawn and chicken)

Khao Phad RM16
(Pineapple fried rice with seafood and cashew nuts)

Pineapple fried rice for Eliza, it comes in a slightly larger portion with some big prawns added. The overall flavor was okay,it would be perfect if they are able to make a smaller portion. 

Spaghetti Olio Aglio RM23.50

Ruiwen ordered the western food.  The Aglio Olio is served with garlic bread, fresh prawn and topped with some chili flakes. It tasted creamy and cheesy,  I cant stop eating her food without asking permission that's what bff normally do.

Khanom Khao Mao RM7.50
(Fried Bananas with grated coconut and sticky rice)

Dessert time!!! The staff was efficient in serving us the next course. Khanom Khao Mao was basically fried banana served on the pandan leaf and completed with sticky rice.It tasted surprisingly good together with the grated coconut, even though I was very full but I still managed to finish it. 

Phon Lamai Sod Tam Rue Du Karn RM8.50
(Sesonal fresh fruit)

Thank you so much Glow Hotel for inviting us! We truly enjoyed our time there and it was really a pleasant experience. I am happy because I just found a new spot for lunch next time. I'll be back soon. So guys, if you're keen in having a vacation stay in Glow hotel or dine in Zest Bar Cafe, you can find the information in

Glow Penang
Address: 101, Jalan Macalister, Georgetown, 11400 Georgetown, Pulau Pinang, Malaysia
Contact:: 04-2260084
Thursday, May 21, 2015

Mission Q @ Queensbay Mall Penang


After playing the online game like some kind of "escape room", "break the code", and I've been imagining about could I escape from the room if I was kidnapped in real life? Am I smart enough to break the code and escape from people who came after me?

So if you are a fan of escape game, now Mission Q is an ideal place for you to spent your leisure time. 

What is Mission Q?

Mission Q is a real escape game room in Queensbay@Penang. It come with 5 unique adventurous escape rooms, and each with its own theme. Our goal is to physically escape from the room within an hour by collecting items, identifying clues, and solving puzzles and riddles. You need to be very specific, observant, and most importantly of course teamwork. 

Throughout the game, you'll learn how to communicate and work as a team. Remember, unity is strength when there is collaboration and team work, wonderful things can be achieved. 

Last month we were all invited to attend their opening launch. Clearly this was my first time playing escape game, and I love how they design the room into a creepy and dark place. So let's do it, ARE YOU READY???

"We were trapped...."
" Is this an elevator to send us in?"
"Nope, to train you to be a cage fighter" 


The first thought we had in mind, what if we were stucked in this room for the next one hour lollll

We took 20 minutes to figure out the first task
6 peoples, 6 brains #whatashame 

5 unique escape rooms
1. Quantum
2. The Great Illusionist 
3. The missing Corpse : The Vanished
4. Internal Affairs
5. The Secret Fortune

What's inside the room?
A lot of puzzle to be solved. We were so panicked because we couldn't solve the puzzle at first, so pathetic none of us figured out the picture on the wall. Thank Mission Q for the "help" bell lolll. You can easily spot the ' help" bell inside each room to call Game Master for help. For each help,they will provide you clues and guide you to complete one puzzle :} 

Not to be cocky, we were the first team who completed the task! clap!

Not much photos taken inside the escape room because we were so busy in escaping. And you shall discover the surprise yourself. I think mission Q really smart for coming up with this exciting and unique game to interact with their customers. We enjoyed ourselves thoroughly at the event. 

Me & Shelyn

Check out our happy face. So proud of not being the last team which we were secretly afraid we would hahaha! #kiasuMalaysian

Top: H&M
Bottom: Forever 21
Sneaker: Aldo
Watch: Marc by Marc Jacobs

Mission Q

Address: 3F-21 & 2, Queensbay Mall Penang
Instagram: mission_q
Contact: 04-637067

Thank you for reading, love you all.

Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Tao Cuisine latest menu @ Time Square


Eat are the happiest thing to do, no worries no stress and neither of us give a f about gaining weight, which is why I am blogging it now after I went to Tao for review again. This time we were asked to visit the one in Penang Time Square, but in case you don't know, there's another branch in Auto City. 

 Tao is located at 1st foor Penang Time Square

I love their interior, it gave me a very mystery feel like what's inside?

Like I've said in my previous post, you can click HERE. The unique part about dining in Tao is, its private cubicles which are spacious, so you probably wont get as much of those awkward stares from people while you selfie. 

So let me introduce it again. Tao Authentic Asian Cuisine is an upscale restaurant that offer ALL YOU CAN EAT buffet with full table service, focusing on quality rather than on price. Their buffet specialties ranging from Korean, Japanese, Thai, Chinese, and other foreign or ethnic food. 

Me & Shelyn placed our order and cant for the man to cook for us *droll

Lunch ( Monday- Friday)
RM59.50 nett per pax

Lunch ( Weekends and public holiday)
RM72.30 nett per pax

Dinner daily
Rm72.30 nett per pax

Children charges are according to height measurement.
Below 90cm - FREE
90cm-140cm - Half Price

140cm & above - Adult Price 

**All prices stated above are inclusive of 6% GST.

There's a lot more to choose from the menu. But I hope you don't mind I only able to recommend those my fav because its really impossible for me to include everything here.

Appetizer- Chocolate Fondue

One of the best seller, Spicy Cheesy Scallops was delicate in its own way!

Cheese Baked Oysters

Soft Shell Crabs
(Deep fried soft shell crabs with assorted vegetables)

 Shake Teriyaki 

Sashimi. I love raw foods and I ate most of the salmons.

Crabmeat Cream Cheese
(Deep fried flavor skin wrapped with stuffed crabmeat & cream cheese)


Sake Hamaguri

Dang dang dang, EBI. I ate 10++ of this, not joking lollll. Seriously????

Hiyashi Udon Soup

Awabi Ebiko 
(Abalone Slice topped with Ebiko sauce ) 

 ( Panfried Minced Chicken Dumpling)

You can click HERE to check out their new menu if you're keen!

TAO Authentic Asian Cuisine Times Square
Address: First floor, Times Square Penang, Jalan Dato Keramat, 10150 Georgetown, Penang.
Contact: 04- 2285826/ 04-2263760

Operation hours: 
Lunch (Monday to Friday)
12.00pm till 04.00pm

Lunch (Saturday, Sunday, Eve Of & Public Holiday)
12.00pm till 04.00pm 

Dinner (Monday to Thursday) 
05.30pm till 10.30pm

Dinner (Friday to Sunday, Eve Of & Public Holiday) 
05.30pm till 11.00pm

**Early bird special 10% discount for DINNER, dine in before 6.30pm from Monday to Friday except Saturday, Sunday, eve of and public holiday.

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