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R-II Rose Stem Cell


Its weird thou. Western people they apply tanning oil and trying to get as tan as possible, but Asians like me wanted to have fair skin. For me, this would be ideal if I have "pearly white" skin. I've googled and read online about: " How to whitening?", and of course I found a several ways such as milk bathe, drink lemonade, apply sunblock, super minimal sun exposure and etc. I've tried every possible way, but WHATTT? I am still fc*king tanned. 

As I grew up, being fair is always my dream. I used to envy all those hotties with bright, radiant and fair skin. Life is so unfair, the only thing I can ask myself WHYYYYY :(

Like I said above, maybe there's still some other effective way? Which is why I choose to go for R-II to help to brighten up my skin. I was sent this whitening product for a review, thanks god I was so lucky to try them out!

So basically R-II is specially formulated using extracts of wild rose growing in Alps, Switzerland, at a height of over 300 meters above sea level. After tons of research have been done, dietary experts prove that Rose Stem Cell R-II is effective in safeguarding the epidermis stems cell that helps to increase the life expectancy and encourages the production of epidermis tissues.  Besides it also has a powerful antioxidant function to help maintain youthfulness and beauty of the skin.

Taadah I am holding the latest package of R-II , I love it x999. 

The main ingredients

1. Rose Stem Cell 玫瑰干细胞
2. Pomegranate Extract 蕃茄红素
3. Sakura 樱花
4. Konjac Ceramide 魔芋 
5. Stawberry Polyphenol 草莓多酚
6. Oryza Ceramide 水稻

Step 1: Cut it off by using scissors

Step 2: Add R-II powder to a mug or a cup

Step 3: Add some water first, and stir thoroughly to make a paste, then add more water and continue stirring until your cup is nearly full ( about 150ml)

Step 4: A cup of whitening beverage to kick start your day

Since then my skin now has improved tremendously and it has a healthy glow. With such fair skin at the moment, I feel even more confident and I now applying less foundation that I did before. Some of you might be asking, why not undergo an aesthetic surgery for whitening? Yes aesthetic may help to beautify us, and there's plenty of whitening skincare in the market. But with most of them, you either have to take the risk, or you'll need to pay a huge amount of money $$$$$. 

But R-II only cost you RM170 including postage. And this product is totally affordable compare to aesthetic surgery, so much cheaper man! 

8 Main effects
1. An extension of the vitality of skin stem cell, repair and regeneration skin cell
2. Skin whitening 
3. Improve skin radiant and brightness
4. Protect the skin resists the cold, dry & ultraviolet radiation
5. Shrink pores, reduce wrinkles
6. Enhance skin moisturizing ability
7. Promote delicate skin elasticity and smoothness
8. Anti aging

How it taste like?

It taste like juice, slightly sour.

How long will result show?

I was told the result will show in 3 weeks, as long as you continuously consume R-II with a proper way. It will be the most effective way. 

Why I encourage you to purchase from Jessica?

She is very helpful to answer all your questions online, you can reach her at Facebook/wechat in anytime. Besides, she has been selling this products for one and a half years, so she has the best knowledge for sure. Lastly, thank you Jessica for helping me to achieve my " pearly white" skin I'd never imagined for the outcome.

R-II Forever Young

Contact: Jessica Yap
Wechat: Jessicayap1991
Official website:

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