Friday, June 12, 2015

Elmural Cafe @ Cintra Street


Penang is a beautiful city with lots of hidden gems (cafes & tourism spot). And I really love to blog every cafe I'd been before, in the hope that one day my blog will be a great travel tips for those who travel to Penang. So this time was my second visit to Elmural Cafe. 

What is Elmural Cafe?
Elmural is a cozy cafe showcasing street arts around Malaysia. They offer delicious fusion French cuisine, homemade desserts and Gelato at affordable price.

The French Entremet

Well I am aware that I suppose to introduce dessert at the end but I just cant wait!! This is a sweet little bakery from Elmural, perfect for your afternoon tea. French pastries are the best as far as I am concerned. It is a multi layered mousse cake with complementary various flavor and varying textual contrast. What made it so special is, it is not sponge cake as every layer is made from quality ingredients. 

Veloute Soup

Veloute Soup for my starter, the soup is pretty damn good as well. A smooth and creamy soup of French origin, it is made from the blend of 6 vegetables enjoyed by the French since 19th century. I am so craving just writing about it. 


Next up was a salad served on a long plate, the fresh green and light dressing made this a very healthy start to the meal. For my food partner, Eugene he seems to love it. 

Coq Au Vin

Now this one is my favorite dish of the day. It is a traditinal French dish of braised chicken served with authentic red wine sauce and homemade creamy mash potato. The chef himself really did a great job in this, simple yet it explodes with flavor. Yummy!!!

Oinker Daube

A classic French Provencal dish of tender wild boar meat stewed in red wine and served with Provencal herbs vegetables and garlic. And the meat are surprisingly juicy and tender, really enjoyed the potatoes and carrots as they are all my favorite toooooo! 


Its never too full for ice cream, the homade Italian ice cream which is available in assorted flavors. I've ordered a green tea and a Chocolate Chilly for Eugene. It was very nice and I just go on eating and eating until I finished up everything. A lovely end to the meal indeed. 

So father's day is just around the corner. In case you're looking for somewhere for a family dinner, however do arrange with them well in advance 

Special Father's Day Promo
1. Please call 013-4309333 to make your reservations
2. Due to limited seating capacity at Elmural Cafe, availability will be based on first come first serve basis
3. Redeem a complimentary 3 course set meal consisting of a starter, a main course and dessert for daddy son 8-21 June 2015.

Elmural Cafe
Address: 83, Cintra Street, Georgetown Penang
Contact: 013-4309333

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