Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Opalescence Tooth Whitening


Everyone is absolutely beautiful in their own unique way. But do you know that yellowish teeth could be the worst thing to kill your look and that's really embarrassing when people thought you haven't brushed your teeth. 

When I was younger, I really hate visiting the dentist, as they are professional and most of the time they used to judge my teeth: " Have you brushed your teeth this morning? " " You have some yellowish stained on your teeth" .  With that in mind, which explains why my experience of visiting a dentist has always been horrible. I refused to let anyone to look into my teeth. But as I grew up, I realized that a clean teeth actually make a huge difference so I decided to try Opalescence.

Why do I need whitening product?
Because I feel conscious about my teeth and it is not longer white. Besides, yellowish teeth is very gross and disgusting. Even toothpaste is only able to clean your teeth surface, but not the whitening effect. And if you go for teeth whitening in clinic which is probably gna cost you a lot, and hurt like F. 

What is Opalescence?
A whitening gel which is a professional teeth whitener available only through a licensed dental professional. It offer you a whiter and brighter smile in a way that fits your budget and your lifestyle. It is an ideal way for people who want the whitening treatment at home instead of clinic. 

Why Opalescence?
  • Available in peach, melon & mint flavors.
  • 4 concentration for day & night wear
  • A simple, fast and great tasting way 
  • It contains potassium nitrate (To reduce sensitivity) & Fluoride (To reduce cavities and strengthen enamel)
  • Comfortable 
  • Highly Effective

This is what I've found inside the box! This green thingy looks like my retainer ( I had braces 2 years back** )So I guess I must be very familiar on how to use it, I don't even need to read the instruction hahaha! Arrogant!

You can see the white gel inside and that thing is going to save your whole life!

Step 1: Remove from the package

Step 2:Center tray on arch

Step 3: Suck and remove the outer tray

Step 4: Wear 10% for 30-60 minutes and 15% for 15-20 minutes

Okay I look seriously ugly and I appreciate if you'd kind to please with my horrible look LOL. I know it's annoying but it is a MUSt to demonstrate the proper way on using this. So if you ever consider this, this is the most frequently asked question.

Does it hurt?
A big NOOO. Each of them is prefilled with a safe, effective gel that wont leak out onto your gums.

How long do you have to wear them?
You are recommended to wear it for 30-60 minutes

How much does it cost?
It costs around RM450-Rm500 which is quite reasonable. As I know, teeth bleaching in clinic normally quite pricey, it cost you around RM800-RM1900. So obviously Opalescence is much cheaper if we make a comparison

How do you feel?
I had no problem at all and I find it quite comfortable. But the only thing I would advice you to wear it at night before you sleep. While you are wearing it, you are hardly to close your mouth and sometimes your salive might slip out uncontrollable. So to avoid the unattractive look,you better put them while you at home

Where should I store them?
Place the Opalescence in the refrigerator while you're not using them. 

How long do teeth whitening results last?
The results are very stable, leaving you with a stunning smile after treatment is over. However there's a few factors that can make teeth lose their luster, for eg: genetics, age, medication or smoking. Fortunately touch up treatments are quick and easy, helping you get that bright, white smile back

It takes a very short time for the effect to show and I was amazed by the incredible result after just a few days of treatment. I can now smile perfectly  because my teeth are now perfectly clean and white, shine like a diamond. I don't have to smile awkwardly in-front of the dentist anymore. Opalescence can boost your confidence by giving you the stunning, brilliant smile you've always wanted. I hope this helps! 


Opalescence Whitening Product can only be purchased via dentist in Malaysia

To find a dentist near you, please email: info.my@ultradent.com
Drop a message at their Facebook page 


  1. Hi Fion,
    any after pic to show ?

  2. My teeth started looking stained an ugly due to several reasons, so I tried many homemade teeth whiteners that didn’t provided satisfactory results. Luckily, I saw the detailed information about ‘SD Cosmetic Dentists’ through a Local Dental Directory and consulted them for teeth whitening, and gained a wonderful experience as a customer.

    1. I am glad to hear that :) Thanks for your recommend

  3. By far the best dentist I've been too. All the staff is beyond helpful and friendly, they make you feel like extended family.dental implant Brentwood Village

  4. Hi Fion,

    For teeth whitening, You can meet dentist in Calgary NW.

  5. Great product that exceeds expectation, this is actually the second time I've use this teeth whitening system and I love the result.


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