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Maqui lite coffee & Maqui Detox


Have anyone told you not to believe in photos? If you've looked at my photos and thought I am skinny, that's not true lol. I am 44 kg and I wear S in UK size, I wouldn't call myself "fat" but average. However I do have a belly, and its not often for me to go to gym. That's why Photoshop become the world's best creative apps because everyone can edit their photos and I am no exception. 

Can you see that? How cool is it with Photoshop

I've been sitting in-front of computer for 8 hours everyday, so flabby thighs can be a rather troublesome to me. Until I found Maqui Lite Coffee!! Anybody that knows me is more than aware I don't usually drink coffee, but Maqui Lite Coffee helps you to lose weight and no side effect! So I decided to have a try.

When the parcel was sent to my home

What is Maqui Lite Coffee?
It is a newly formulated functional aromatic slimming coffee. Over centuries, the rise in obesity and the growing concern about weight loss have lead to people to look towards various weight loss remedies that are made out of herbal extracts. The 100% natural ingredients Maqui Lite Coffee is formulated to help you achieve a slim & presentable attractive figure.

I even introduce my mom to it because she loves coffee, at the same time it helps her to achieve the ideal body figure so I bet she loves it. For me I have no idea how this works but I've made some research about it. This coffee is found to possess thermogenesis effect on human body that boots metabolism and encourages fats oxidation. It means the coffee helps to shed the unwanted deposited body fats (eg: fat burning) 

Each box with 16 packets
(coffee in the image for display only)

The benefits:
  • Rich in antioxidants
  • Promote metabolism
  • Boost the immune system
  • Burn fat
  • Reduce the chances of color cancer
  • Strengthening mineral intake
  • Improve bowel function 
  • Increase satiety
  • Skin whitening 
  • Skin moisturizer 
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No matter what, your health comes first. Don't risk your life just to on diet/keep fit or whatever is it. Do it in a healthy way and exercise. Well I know exactly how it feels. I wanted to be fit, I want abs, but the things is I don't work out consistently everyday. I either lazy or I convince myself to work out tomorrow, and tomorrow LOL. ENDLESS TOMORROW, how to lose weight lah??

Recommended Dosage:
You are advised to consume 1 time each day morning, pour 1 small packet (10) of Maqui coffee into 100ml warm water, stir well and drink. For best and effective result, drink at least 2 liters of water per day. 

Pregnant/lactating women/ childrens are not advised to consume this dietary supplement. 

Besides Maqui Lite Coffee, Maqui also came out with Maqui Detox Drink. Naaa I hope I don't confuse you, it is mainly for those who are concentrating on losing weight or toning up. If someone had told me about eating supplement to on diet a few years ago, I'd probably say a big NOOOOO. I don't trust any supplement because I think exercise is the only way to be healthy and there's no shortcut! I always had this mindset: 乱喝了会死人 .. 

Like snow white was poisoned by the apple hahaha

But now I've changed my mindset and I getting more conscious of my health. When I just received Maqui DX drink, the first thing I make sure it contains 100% natural and fresh ingredients. No preservative and no artificial coloring. The true reason behind I am consuming Maqui DX drink is because I seldom eat vegetables, I pretty sure my body full of toxic.

What is Maqui DX Drink?
It is specifically formulated for treating constipation problem. It helps to improve digestion, and achieve whole body detoxification. A delightful natural beverage with maqui berries, blueberries, cranberries, raspberries and blackberries. 

1. Pour one sachet of Maqui DX drink into a glass 

Green powder you can see

 2. Add on 200ml of water

3. Stir well and consume before bedtime daily

Well it look gross but Maqui DX drink is a healthy beverage. That's what people always says, 良药苦口. Healthy supplement is often unpalatable and not pleasant to taste, but it provide you incredible health benefit in a short period of time. Think of sexy body figure, six pack abs, nice thigh gaps...... Inspiration!!!! I'll drink it.....LOL


1. Is Maqui DX safe to take every day?
Like I mentioned above, yes! It is 100% natural origin and good to be consume everyday in order to eliminate the accumalated toxic in our body. Apart from this, there are no side effect so dont worry!

2. What should I notice during the consumption period?
Drink more waters ( at least 2L-3L), eat more vegetables/fruits which helps to remove wastes from our body.

3.When is the best consumption time?
It is best to consume before bedtime since the absorption capabilities are the strongest after 11pm. 

4. How soon will I be able to see the results?
Every individual reacts diffrently to any supplement. Morever, the effectiveness of Maqui Detox is depending on how much toxic exposure to your body, hence the result may vary individually. 

So if you wanted to look hot like Megan Fox, check out Maqui website now at 


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Wechat: nicoletee0614

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