Thursday, August 27, 2015

ZA True White Perfect Protector Sunscreen

I am heading off to Singapore in just over a month. I can’t wait to visit the Universal studio and to see my bff there. My friends remind me to bring loads of sunscreen because the weather in Singapore is extremely hot! The exposure to the sun may cause you clogged pores/black head. So I am constantly on a lookout for a sunblock that has super good coverage and I want my face are fully covered and protected lol.. Otherwise I gna wrap my face like a mummy

So today I am going to into you guys the ZA sunscreen. Maybe some of you have seen, heard of or even used it before. Sunscreen is something essential to all of us, I mean come on, look at our Malaysia weather… freaking farking HOTTTTTTTT, you might turn to a fresh barbeque chicken in anytime when you walk under the sun. So sunscreen is a MUSTTTT!

“Sunscreen helps minimize damage from the sun’s UV rays that lead to signs of aging like irregular pigmentation, fine lines and dullness,” - Dr. Krant 

What is ZA True White Perfect Protector?
It is a multi-4-in-1 PERFECT PROTECTOR with base makeup and brightening effects that offers powerful protection against UV rays and pollution. It has SPF 50++, so ideally the higher the SPF, the more protection you’ll get.

 What’s so special about this product?
As you know, sunblock that offers a range of protection level can be very common nowadays, but how do you know which is the best sunblock for you? You don’t base on high sun protection factor (SPF) and you rate how well a sunblock is. For me, I am particular with other benefits as well. For ZA true white perfect protector, it has 4 in 1 effect

1. Shake well before you use

2. Squeeze a dollop into your palm 

You can now see the white liquid form

3. Rub it gently and make it even

4. Spread it on your entire face that will be exposed to the sun

You can see the comparison on my left hand (w/v sunscreen) and right hand (without sunscreen)

For those with a darker complexion, no worries! ZA perfect protector can use as a makeup base as well, so multifunctional. We girls need to do a lot of things before we get out of the house, just simply for our face we need to apply toner, serum, moisturizer, sunblock, and etc.  So now ZA is offering a solution, they came out with all in one sunscreen.
Let me demonstrate to you okay! So the sunblock is supposed to brighten my face tone, and keep my makeup long lastin

Here’s a close up photo!

Taadah~! Check out how much fairer I am on my left hand side face.. You can see that my cheek are lightened. Not only that, I feel my skin is hydrated and moisturized OMG! Another thing I love about ZA perfect protector? Usually after I applied sunscreen on my face, it turn my face into very oily creepy face. My skin always exceptionally oily and sticky which makes me uncomfortable. That’s explain why I never liked them. TRUE??? But ZA perfect protector has changed my perception, it contains triple vitamin C and the texture is very light ( White Lily extract, a natural moisturizing ingredients and collagen), it keep my face moisturize and soft. Guess what, the oil control formula are also designed to keeps your make up fresh for 12 hours and minimizes dullness & dark spots. Super amazing isn’t it? 

Here’s me with ZA perfect protector sunscreen!

So my dear, I am here to advise all of you “Never skip the sun protection step in your beauty routine because it is necessary to keep your face away from the UV rays.” I don’t want to sound naggy as I’ve said this many times before. But do you know that how important a sunscreen can be? You pick the right sunscreen. It enhances your protection against sunburn, wrinkles and skin cancer. But if you pick the wrong one. It may lead you to sensitive or itchy skin
If you are looking for a perfect sunscreen, you can give this a try

ZA Malaysia
Official website:

Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Blossom Elixir


" I want to have a bigger breast"... " I want to look hotter than her"..." hey mate look at her big boobss"

It's one of the hottest topic among our high school time, esp girls lol. So don't be shy, its perfectly normal if you want to achieve a nice boobs#girlsbeinggirls. Certainly flat-chested women like me understand that no matter what I put on, it doesn't make me look good on it. But I would love to try some breast enhancement product instead of undergo any breast augmentation surgery, at least it is much more safer uh? Surgery is often seen as the only solution, but nooooo you're wrong!

Ouchhh so mean!

In all honesty, I personally never tried any breast enhancement product before this. I think it's a waste of money, and having a small boobs is not under my main concern yet hahaha. Anyone who knows me would know that I am A/B cup size, but I am fine with that as long as I live healthily.  Until I accepted a sponsorship from @nicoletee: Blossom Blixir bust ampoules cream, so I thought of this product might help to increase my cup size? Not bad leh, okay ons!!

About Blossom Blixir bust ampoules cream?
This product is a non sticky/oily ampoule that can enlarge breast naturally without any side effect. It has been proven to stimulate new growth of breast cells secrete and it helps you to achieve 3D firmness of breast

Gel type formula

The most common breast problems include uneven breast, small boobs, sagging breast and etc. Every women wants to have perfectly shaped breast throughout her life, but sadly this is not possible in most cases. Unhealthy lifestyle, ageing or pregnancy are one of those factor which causing breast problems.

Hence, Blosson Elixir are formulated to promote bust tissue growth and make your boobs bigger in a SAFE AND SOUND way. No risky and no wound at all. 

The expiry date/ ingredients are all clearly stated

» Ultimate breast enlargement
» Moisture skin
» Promote skin elasticity & smoothness
» Lifting sagging breast
»Anti Skin aging

My experience:
The absorption is very good. Once I applied on my skin, it was fully absorbed within 5 mins.  According to the instruction given, you are supposed to apply the cream on your breast area and massage it for around 10-15 mins, it will makes your breast feel firming. The best thing is you dont have to rinse it off, can just straight go for your beauty sleep. JENG!!

At first I feel shy to talk about this, it is so embarrassed and exposed. I mean, breast thing are so personal. You don't cincai cincai go and tell anyone :" eh my breast only A cup size" right? But then I realized, every women has one. What so shy about it? Unless you don't go out and buy a bra lollll. 

Left: Moisturize your skin, Right: Breast enhancement drink

Besides the cream formula, they comes with natural beverage too.In order to achieve the best result, you'll have to apply both at the same time.

About Blossom Blixir Enhancement Drink ( Right hand side)
It is an all natural formulation breast enhancement drink that helps women maintain the firmness of bust through specific herbs and natural ingredients. Blossom Blixir naturally enhance your breast and make it firm and bigger. 

  • 100% natural
  • Effective 
  • Convenient ( carry in your bags)
  • No side effect

  • Improve the shape of your breast
  • Increase the breasts volume
  • Firm and uplifted breasts 
  • Prevent sagging breast
  • Hormone balancing 
  • Adjusting irregular menstruation 

1. Dissolve one scahet into 100ml of water and stir well

2. You can see the powder form

Berries Stem Cell Drink

Don't get them confused.This is different with the one above. You can differentiate them based on the flowers printed on the box. Basically its a collagen booster drink that promotes good skin, reduces wrinkles, restore radiance to your skin and so on.  And what I like the most is that it's in a sachet form, so convenient for me to put inside my bag.

  • Anti Aging
  • Smoothes fine lines and wrinkles
  • Improves uneven discoloration of the skin
  • Relieves sunburn
  • Reduces age sports and acne
  • Increase skin hydration
  • Skin whitening and brigtening


1. Dissolve one sachet into 100ml of water

2. You can see the powder form

3. Add on water and stir well

p/s: For breast enhancement effect, please consume 2 sachets/ day after meal. For hormone balancing effect, please consume 1 sachet/day

Price come in package:

Blossom Drink + Blossom Bust Cream Selling Price (2+1) = RM382. (3+1)= RM509 (4+1)= RM636

So if you wanted to look hot like Megan Fox, check out Maqui website now


 contact Nicole Tee at 012-7221508 
Wechat: NicoleTee0614

Tuesday, August 04, 2015

Japan Hair Salon @ Nico Penang


I've been always looking for a new hairstyles,and I'm sure many of you also experienced a stage whether you should change your hairstyle or remain it? Very sad to say my hair has been looking its most boring over the past year, so last month I opted for a Japan Hair Salon @ Nico Penang and I thought it was about time to have a new change for myself. It was my second salon visit, so read how Nico styled my hair in a Japanese way xxx

Nico is a Japan Toyko hair & beauty salon based in Penang. They also offer eyelash extension, permanent make up & fashion nails. As their customer, you will get to experience whole new Japanese technique. How cool?

That's Nitta Mai with orange top and Kentaro with the black. 

Start cutting off my fringe, I couldn't wait to get a new look.

So I am ready for another change!! Are you?

Curly hair always seems to impress. 

Kenta was roughly divided my hair into 3 parts- A large middle section and two at each side. He curled my hair from part to part by using curling tong! And to make sure my hair holds shape, we definitely need a good hair spray before it's completely done. Fyi he was using a Japanese hair spray, Oui Oui Spray ( hoyu brend) to give my hair a bit of volume. 

My overall make up done by Nitta Mai

People are always talking about how awesome Japan product is and I doubted that at first. However until now I was trying the product itself and the Japanese technology, I totally changed my mind. I do love Japanese make up & Japanese fashion, even though I am not hardcore like some other girls are. So if you are a big fan of Japanese, you should pay a visit to Nico Penang as it is the first hair salon with Japanese stylist ( look at their ginormous eyes and flawless skin OMGGG :O :O ) and Japan's product. And what, Nitta & Kentaro were super friendly, now I can finally understand why people say Japanese people are so kind lolll..

Eliza & I 

When I started worrying about how my hair looked, Kentaro was comforted me and assured me to feel confident. I was aware that not every Malaysian can accept this kind of hair style, but from a Japanese point of view, they find it fashionable. 

For more information or make reservation:

Address: No. 2, Ground floor, Kek Chuan Road, 10400 Penang. (the pink house)
Operation Hours: 10am-7pm Daily
Contact: 012-4886395
Instagram: @nicopenang

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