Tuesday, August 04, 2015

Japan Hair Salon @ Nico Penang


I've been always looking for a new hairstyles,and I'm sure many of you also experienced a stage whether you should change your hairstyle or remain it? Very sad to say my hair has been looking its most boring over the past year, so last month I opted for a Japan Hair Salon @ Nico Penang and I thought it was about time to have a new change for myself. It was my second salon visit, so read how Nico styled my hair in a Japanese way xxx

Nico is a Japan Toyko hair & beauty salon based in Penang. They also offer eyelash extension, permanent make up & fashion nails. As their customer, you will get to experience whole new Japanese technique. How cool?

That's Nitta Mai with orange top and Kentaro with the black. 

Start cutting off my fringe, I couldn't wait to get a new look.

So I am ready for another change!! Are you?

Curly hair always seems to impress. 

Kenta was roughly divided my hair into 3 parts- A large middle section and two at each side. He curled my hair from part to part by using curling tong! And to make sure my hair holds shape, we definitely need a good hair spray before it's completely done. Fyi he was using a Japanese hair spray, Oui Oui Spray ( hoyu brend) to give my hair a bit of volume. 

My overall make up done by Nitta Mai

People are always talking about how awesome Japan product is and I doubted that at first. However until now I was trying the product itself and the Japanese technology, I totally changed my mind. I do love Japanese make up & Japanese fashion, even though I am not hardcore like some other girls are. So if you are a big fan of Japanese, you should pay a visit to Nico Penang as it is the first hair salon with Japanese stylist ( look at their ginormous eyes and flawless skin OMGGG :O :O ) and Japan's product. And what, Nitta & Kentaro were super friendly, now I can finally understand why people say Japanese people are so kind lolll..

Eliza & I 

When I started worrying about how my hair looked, Kentaro was comforted me and assured me to feel confident. I was aware that not every Malaysian can accept this kind of hair style, but from a Japanese point of view, they find it fashionable. 

For more information or make reservation:

Address: No. 2, Ground floor, Kek Chuan Road, 10400 Penang. (the pink house)
Operation Hours: 10am-7pm Daily
Contact: 012-4886395
Email: nicopenang@gmail.com
Instagram: @nicopenang

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