Monday, September 07, 2015

Uniqacces Sleeveless Lace Inspired Dress

Uniqacess dress// Marc by Marc Jacob// Swarovski necklaces/

Hello loves, finally I get to wear my current favorite piece. This is the feminine outfit I wore to have lunch with my bestie at Straits Quay, sleeveless lace inspired dress by Uniqacces. I madly in love with the soft fabric of this clothing, such a simple and effortless elegant outfit. Besides, I barely have any outfit that comes with purple. I was quite obsessed with this dress since I got them last month. 

Side view

 Front View
Those lace printed magically to add more feminine on the outfit

Back View
I love how the cutting fit exactly on my body

To complete the look, I had the hardest time in choosing my accessories but at last I ended up going with my Swarovski necklaces. And you'll never go wrong pairing with a watch. Simple and nice. 

Oh did I forget to mention accessories just important as much as clothing? Your outfit may be the key to make you fashionable, but accessories is what that complete your overall look . If you know me well, dress is a must have item in my closet, and same goes to my bracelets. I've bought this bracelet from Uniqacess, and I surprised that I got it with very reasonable price. Love em' xxx

"Always wear you invisible crown"- 

Baby R with her white bareback frill sing top and pant set

Yay not to make you bored just looking at me, I have Ruiwen with me this time, doing our first#ootd post together :P Speaking of her outfit from Uniqacess, first of all it looks elegant from the first sight. Her cutting design is more to sexy, what's different was she only revealed her back, but not her boobs! The backless looks are ideal for dinner/ party. 

With that, you are free to mix and match with some eye-catching accessories or jewelry pieces. For her, she'd preferred a simple one. She wore a Euro popular simple necklace to make her outfit into something out of ordinary 

Side view
It actually comes with 2 pieces, but it looks like all in one piece lollll 

Euro popular simple necklace from Uniqacess

We both were happy with the clothing from Uniqacess. In case some of you ask again, Uniqacess is an online shopping site with the core focus of providing an ultimate shopping experience with readability and security in mind. They are selling stunning accessories ( bracelets, earrings, necklaces) and quality clothing. 

I am a lazy kind of person, I would rather slacking at home and buy whatever I want through online. are very well organized, different items are categorized under different bars, so not to worry you might get confused. 

Wechat: uniqacces

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