Thursday, November 19, 2015

Enna UV Mist Silk Cushion

It’s been a little while since I did a beauty post, so yeah I thought it was time to back to my blog. To be honest, I am not expert in doing make up and I am terrible in research. So normally my girls will tell me which is worth buying and I will give it a thought lolll, power of word of mouth.

Until I recently spotted a few bloggers posting about Enna UV Mist Silk Cushion, I was amazed and I went to get one too, oops $$$$$. 

Enna UV Mist Silk Cushion

I wouldn't say Korea's product is the best, but so far I am using Laneige from Korea (skin care) and Enna UV Mist Silk Cushion which suits me just fine. So needless to say Korea's product give me a sense of confident. And speaking about Enna Cushion, I really like the texture and it provides strong coverage on my face. I find that it restores my skin moisture, elasticity and gloss radiance. 

A floral girl is printed as the cover design and it is limited edition. Idk why, but I love those that come with limited edition collection, soooo prettyyy! So get one before the stock last else you gonna regret for the rest of your life, I swear hahaha.

This isn't that kind of two way cake or loose powder, but it's a new concept of CC cream. When you apply on your face and it is absorbed, it creates a natural nude makeup look which makes your skin glow. Unlike the other foundation or BB cream, Enna fits my skin perfectly and it doesnt go cakey. I super hate those thick and heavy foundation which dries out my skin, feeling suckssss. My skin barely can breathe, like I just apply a layer of cheese on my face zzzzz

A little reminder:
Remember to fit the sponge back to the casing dish, and press with puff and allow the content to absorb into sponge evenly before you start using them


Personal Experience:

I've been using it today, and it was quite long lasting. At least it doesn't melts off of my nose throughout the day, or make me look like shit lolll. Besides, it play role as a concealer to cover your dark spot, wrinkles and improve your skin smoothness. 

So are you inspired to try Enna UV Mist Silk Cushion yet? Contact Nicole Tee at 012-7221508. She is super friendly in person that I couldn't not to mention her services. Despite this is a collaboration post, but I am truly sharing my thoughts from my personal experience. Believe or not, it has to depend on you :)


 contact Nicole Tee at 012-7221508 
Wechat: NicoleTee0614

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